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s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow fluff

They are fun twist on traditional campfire S’mores and packed with rich marshmallow, graham, and chocolate flavor. This s’mores layer cake is made up of graham cracker flavored cake layers, frosted with chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and homemade heavenly marshmallow fluff. https://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/smores-chocolate-cake/. And now our dentist has a tv in the ceilings above the chairs, so I get to watch tv while I lay there. I wasn’t as happy with the overall taste in the end (I think they are much better the day made…but it may just be overall because of too much sugar in the crust. It was listed in the ingredients on the “pin it” page on pinterest so I just wanted to make sure! Any suggestions to fix this? Just WOW! How did you get them so perfect Lindsay?! These look amazing!! Gently spread marshmallow fluff on top of brownie layer** Set broiler to high and move oven rack to the 2nd shelf*** Keeping an eye on the brownies, broil for 1-2 minutes until marshmallow is toasted to … I used the 5 T. of sugar, but next time will only use 2 or even better yet I’ll use small amount of brown sugar. Place the butter, salt, and cocoa powder in a large mixing bowl, and add about 1/3 of the powdered … They look stellar with that extra touch of fabulousness!!!! But if you have some marshmallows hanging out in your pantry without any plans, use them to make this frosting! Mix in the butter next. Thank you so much! I forgot to ask–do you use plain white sugar or brown? Coffee is suppose to boot the chocolate flavor but I don’t want to mess up the recipe. I usually use 2%, but whole should work as well. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. If you’d like to make these cupcakes ahead, here is what I would suggest: The cupcakes can definitely be baked ahead. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Or am I supposed to turn the temp back up to 325? This is one of the most original s’mores recipes I’ve found, and delicious! I’m so glad I see a variety of smores recipes, YUM! Aka: “marshmallow creme” or “marshmallow fluff.” You can use store bought if you like, but I am especially partial to this recipe: Homemade Marshmallow Sauce. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! The graham cracker crust has some added sugar in it, and it is just perfect with the super moist chocolate cupcake. Put another small spoonfull on top of the marshmallow fluff filling, and squish it down with a small graham cracker piece. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. Looked and tasted amazing and received so many compliments. i put them in the oven to cook the top a bit. <3. Luckily, I’m managing to also get these s’mores cupcakes posted before summer’s end. I updated the instructions to reflect that. Just made these yesterday for a party, and they were a big hit! I didn’t keep them covered, for I was afraid the icing would get too soft. Then spoon in the marshmallow, and cap it off with chocolate frosting. It says to preheat to 325 then turn down to 300 to bake crust, then bake the cupcakes at 300? Follow along with the recipe below from DisneyFamily: Mickey S’mores Cupcakes. marshmallow fluff. why is there no marshmallows in the marshmallow frosting? i love your recipe but I was wondering If I could use another chocolate cupcake recipe or does it have to be yours,it’s just that my family love the recipe we already have so can I just use that one. These came out amazing! I have an electric mixer but the mixture, but not a whisk attachment for it so I did it by hand. :/. Required fields are marked *. Chocolate High Hat Cupcakes made with homemade marshmallow frosting! Mix well. I really want to get these right. Sadly I couldn’t manage to get the marshmallow frosting to work, so used a buttercream. Can I use unsalted butter or is there really no huge difference? You’ve got it correct actually. These look great! You might want to frost them right away though. Thanks for the inspiration. The butter that’s added to the crust should hold everything together. I’m so glad they were a hit Meg! Keep it up great post. I just can’t seem to get into that habit. I do love that squeaky clean feeling! save as favorite. I made these a few days ago for a birthday party. Thank you for such a delicious recipe. I would love to make these work on a second batch because they are so good, but I don’t know how to fix the crust part. Rich chocolate cake, filled with marshmallow fluff and topped with velvety smooth chocolate frosting and crushed digestives. Toasty, melty marshmallow, crunchy grahams, and chocolate- what a great combination! Or, you can buy it online: Graham Flour. They were a huge hit. When done, remove cupcakes from oven and allow to cool for about 5 minutes. Adding this to my go to list of cupcake recipes! I don’t think they lasted any longer than that. One question: in the meringue frosting section, it says vanilla in the ingredients. After my dental hygienist finished cleaning my teeth yesterday she said, “I’m officially jealous of your teeth.” That’s saying a lot coming from someone who looks at teeth all day every day. Delish! Hubba hubba. Loooving everything about these – so into s’mores right now!! The batter should already be well combined and fairly thin before the water is added. Like I said, we're keeping things simple here. I read some previous comments about the frosting being too delicate so the only amendment I made to the recipe was keeping it over heat the entire time and whipping on the highest speed with a hand mixer for 8 mins. I love your site and your recipes! I do always get lectured about flossing though. You could try using baking spray on your liners. I know it seems weird, but this particular cake bakes at a low temperature and turns out wonderfully. So yesterday I had my 6 month check up/cleaning at the dentist. Loving your recipe, just have one quick question did you use salted or unsalted butter?? Thank you for sharing. And a cupcake with a crust is so fun. Hi–I am going to make this tomorrow! Also a lot of prep work, so sad they didn’t taste as good as they look! Thank you! To make the cupcakes, add all dry ingredients to a large bowl and whisk together. Everyone loved them and they were so pretty. I haven’t tried it, but I imagine it’d be fine. Hi I’m using this recipe for a single cake layer and the rest for the cupcakes shown. This recipe is gold! Fill cupcake tray ⅔ full with chocolate cake batter. I love the cake part so much I was wondering if you had it written out to make a bigger cake with it? Thank you! And the crust on these might just be my favorite part. I’m starting to think maybe it’s the butter I used, could the wrong butter cause it to leak into the pan and get stuck in the liner? I was pleasantly surprised by how light the marshmallow frosting was. Seemed to just stick right to the cupcake liner. Moist, honey-graham cake filled with marshmallow and topped with an easy chocolate frosting. Check them with a toothpick. In a large bowl with a handheld mixer or the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter until it is light and fluffy. I’ve never tried carton egg whites and have heard mixed things about whether or not they work well. Add the Vanilla and beat for 3-4 minutes until smooth and fluffy. I just tried making these, and I am a beginner when it comes to baking, but it just didn’t go right. And garnish with micro marshmallows! Beat the butter and powdered sugar together until fluffy. I wish I knew what I’d done to get such great teeth. My icing was definitely somewhat soft too – it’s super light. Thanks Jocelyn! With an electric mixer, beat on medium speed until combined. It should be ok in the fridge, but I usually leave it at room temperature. Assemble. Thanks Kelly! lol! Let cool completely. You might have to re-whip it. So many recipes end up lackluster when you actually make it, but this is a solid, interesting recipe! Flip the top over and cut off the cone. They might be tough to take camping – the icing is pretty delicate. Any suggestions ?? These look so good! I was SO bummed. There was also butter on the bottom of the each cupcake section when I removed them. No problems. Preheat the oven to 350˚F and line a muffin pan or cupcake pan with liners. I’m going to make them for a labor day party this weekend. These cupcakes are an absolute favorite with my family! Theyre delicious, and even though the recipe is kind of hard mode, its a fun kind of challenge! I have made them twice and they are moist and rich and taste just like a s’more. The only thing I would change is maybe add more cocoa powder or mini chocolate chips to the batter. And a cupcake with just a hole inside is a sad thing. . I hope you enjoy them! they look soooooo good! Should I cook them longer or do they cook while they sit for 5 minutes ? Is there a way to make the icing without a mixer ? You just want it to have a nice spreadable consistency, without being too loose or runny. Cant get enough of it x. I decided to make these cupcakes for my family and I was surprisingly let down. I posted a photo on my https://instagram.com/foxdigitaldesign. Absolutely delicious, thank you! They tasted okay, the chocolate is not  overpowering, but not the kind you go back for more. Thanks a lot. I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you Bona! amzn_assoc_linkid = "a89374627af8552a2074223bfe0a0a76"; I actually do have the cake version – it’s my Best Moist Chocolate Cake. Yes, I’ve never had any trouble with it in the refrigerator, Hi there! The only problem I had was that the crumb mixture would have made many more cupcakes if I had used 1 1/2 T per cupcake, so I divided it evenly among 12. I thought you used the liquid buttermilk cause it’s not yet mixed on the dry ingredients. Hi can i use this for a 12 inch cake and if so what should the quantities be? These cupcakes turned out great! It whips up in a snap and has so much rich, chocolate flavor. I went to the dentist yesterday too though I don’t seem to like it as much as you! These S’mores Cupcakes are to die for! !” Why yes, why not? Print. Thank you so much for sharing , I have made these cupcakes so many times and they are always a hit! Then I finished them off with a little chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs. My only issue was… baking st 300° for 19-21 minutes was no where near long enough, the insides were completely still raw and i had to make a 2nd batch… The 2nd batch I still kept at 300° but I had to bake for (I think) 26-28 minutes. Love the recipe and will try to do it for the first time today. The cupcake is amazing. Just make sure … The frosting was delicious in combination with the rest of the toppings. I accidentally used more cocoa than the recipe called for, and I think I will repeat that next time! I also opted to toast the meringue with a kitchen torch and left off the chocolate sauce and crumbs. The cake is chocolately and moist, and I really liked the marshmallow top. https://parade.com/1095930/kristamarshall/easy-smores-fluff-dessert-recipe Prettiest S’mores cupcakes ever! Sift in the dry ingredients (3/4 cup flour, 3/4 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tsp salt) into … Place the cake flour, graham flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon in the bowl of an electric mixer and stir together to combine. I thought maybe it was my awful cupcake pans but I now have some nicer ones and… will the same thing (I am baking these as we speak!). The day to celebrate the summer and campfire sweet treat. The graham cracker crust was perfectly set and the cupcakes themselves came out perfect. Sugar High, Hi! When one of my coworkers grabbed one, his first comment was one of surprise. Thanks so much! It’s the unofficial end of summer. Prep Time: 50 minutes. Add egg, buttermilk and vegetable oil to the dry ingredients and mix well. Finally, the sour cream, milk, honey, and vanilla go in. Thanks for any info. I might try it myself. So one of the mistakes I was making is the temperature…double check you have that correct. I drizzled with chocolate and graham crackers as well! I love graham cracker crust! How would you adjust to make a cake instead of cupcakes. your recipes this week were out of this world, and these look like the best yet. Let cool in pans on racks for 5 minutes; remove cupcakes from pans and set on racks to cool completely, at least 30 minutes. If I remember correctly, I left that at room temperature. One thing that might be easy to miss is the lower baking temperature? I was in heaven from the first bite! Spread with marshmallow fluff, mini marshmallows… I am thinking of suggesting this for a wedding dessert table. Smores Marshmallow Chocolate Cupcakes with a surprise Marshmallow Fluff filling inside! . Pinned. OMG..I believe I just licked my laptop screen. I haven’t heard of anyone having that problem though. Just add the vanilla with the other ingredients all at once. If you’ve been keeping up with S’mores Week this week, then you’ve already seen my Smores Cheesecake and Smores Ice Cream Bars and you know that s’mores are all the rage this week! Some more cupcake recipes you might enjoy: Discover my baking secrets to melt-in-your-mouth soft cookies in 5 free lessons. How far in advanced can i frost the cupcakes? Remove the cupcakes from oven and allow to cool for 2 minutes, then remove to a cooling rack to finish cooling. As for the frosting, a mixer is best as what gives it thickness is the air that’s whipped into it. However I wanted to know if I make the batter one day and bake off the cake layer if the remaining batter would hold up in the fridge till baking the next day? “A cupcake with a crust? It’s inspired so many delicious treats, like this S’mores Pie, these S’mores Cupcake Jars, and this S’mores Frappucino Granita. Thanks! Thank you!! My brother asked me to turn it into a cake minus the crust. Add the remaining powdered sugar (in 2 more additions), beating until combined. And we are filling it with marshmallow cream! They hold up beautifully. I’ve made boozy cupcakes before and it always adds that extra little flavor. Can’t wait to try it! Also, my icing was just slightly too soft, so it wasn’t as talk as yours. I can’t remember how many times I had to add another 1-2 minutes. Keywords: s'mores cupcakes, smores cupcakes, s'mores dessert, s'mores recipe, marshmallow frosting, best chocolate cupcakes, best cupcakes recipe, easy cupcakes recipe, homemade cupcakes recipe, Tag @lifeloveandsugar on Instagram and hashtag it #lifeloveandsugar. I had the same issue. How about yours? Thanks for the beautiful recipe . 2. Went out and bought more and it came out perfectly. Not sure if next time I should just try again. I may have poured too much batter on the cupcake liners. Two years ago … It’s all a matter of individual tastes. 3. I’m hoping to make them again this week…do you think the cupcakes without the frosting would freeze well? This recipe is quick & easy with two types of frosting. It starts off with a graham cracker crust, followed by a chocolate cupcake and topped with a marshmallow whipped cream… YUM! Double everything? Quick question: Do you pour the cupcake batter into the liner with the crust and bake it again? The cake and icing were great but I also had a problem with crust I am assuming. I followed the recipe to the T, except for the extra graham cracker crumbs on top. I decided, “oh well, let me give it a try” and I spread it on the cupcakes. Swoon! I’m going to wait to frost them after I get to my destination but do you think the frosting would freeze well? I will def make again! Thanks for the recipe. Nailed it! www.52kitchenadventures.com/2013/05/23/homemade-smores-cupcakes I made these for a party over a year ago and was wowed by how delicious they are! Thank you! Works perfectly! If you have trouble finding it, check out the aisle where gluten-free items are sold (it’s not gluten-free, but sometimes they stock it in the same area). Brenda. Or would I just do it the same? Combine egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar and vanilla extract in a metal, heatproof mixer bowl. Don’t forget to top with graham crackers, chocolate, mini marshmallows, and chocolate syrup! My S'mores Cupcakes are the perfect Summer treat in cupcake form! These S’more cupcakes are spectacular! these are stunning! It never even came to soft peaks let alone stiff peaks. So glad to hear you enjoyed them! I get my graham flour at the regular grocery store, right next to all the regular flours. Do the egg whites cook a little..I am wary of whisking egg whites and then putting that on top of cupcake. Wow, just amazing !! Also, the frosting tasted delicious, however it was extremely runny and after mixing it for what seemed like 20 minutes no peaks would form. 4 With a small, sharp knife, cut a cylinder about 3/4 inch wide and 1 inch deep … I just drizzled it across each cupcake with a spoon. They’re gorgeous and tasty too! These were amazing. Thanks so much Liz! So does my partner, we demolished a cupcake each within moments. With a graham cracker crust, soft chocolate cake, and toasted marshmallow fluff topping, these Mickey S’mores Cupcakes are the most adorable (and delicious) treat ever! Can I substitute the Hersheys Special Dark for Unsweetened Cocoa Powder? This is not a quick toss together recipe but it’s a showstopper. Good to know that works too! So I’m confused. Is there anyway to make the frosting using marshmallow creme? amzn_assoc_asins = "B073P4RPFP,B006BE85WO,B01MCYA1JX,B0000DK4ZR"; As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. holy YUM! I haven’t tried it, but others have said that they were able to. This is the one I use. These s’mores cupcakes are fall favorites around here! I love a good crust! Awesome! Remove from heat. I added a little bit of ganache in the centres and toasted the marshmallow frosting! I bought different butter and they turned out perfect! Use a blowtorch to toast the marshmallow tops until golden brown. Tried it – Loved it ! Just found this recipe yesterday, so my grandson and I baked a batch. If you did use a metal bowl, maybe try cleaning it with some lemon juice to make sure it’s really grease-free. Add the sour cream, milk, honey, and vanilla, and mix on medium-high speed for about 2 to 3 minutes, to aerate the batter and build the cake's structure. To be fair, it was when our air conditioning was on the fritz, so maybe it was a little warm. Made these cupcakes and they were fso good! I wonder if the person who didn’t think it was chocolatey enough used regular Hershey’s Cocoa instead of the “Special Dark” Hershey’s Cocoa. There should be directions on the package. Do you think the frosting would hold up to a quick blast from a creme brulee torch to toast it? Needing a more stable frosting and something that can be frozen. Hello I’m wanting to make these for a party but I will be traveling a couple hours away and was wondering if I made these the night before if the crust would get soggy or not? No joke. I made one batch as cupcakes as-is but subbed in the simpler Two Sisters recipe for frosting because I would be traveling with them (I’d like to try the original recipe’s frosting next time). 2. Fill plastic bag with marshmallow fluff and cut a corner of the bag. I am making sea themed cupcakes this weekend and I instantly thought of this crust. I’m sad to see S’mores Week end, but I’m pretty pumped to end it with these S’mores Cupcakes. I give them a 4.9 out of 5! Saw this recipe and tried it right away, I LOVE IT. You should be able to frost them a day or two ahead. You’ve got a new fan Lindsay! It does not cook the egg or curdle the milk. Light and fluffy and delicious! Question about the chocolate fudge topping that you drizzled…..can I do that after I frost the cupcakes but about 12 hours BEFORE I need to serve them or will the chocolate run all over? You could play around with adding some marshmallow fluff to it. It is too runny? Cool completely, then fill with marshmallow and top with chocolate frosting. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; And ending on these is fabulous! Sad face. I know I updated the photos at one point. I have used this recipe for years and it has always been amazing. (photo 13) Add the powdered sugar one cup at a time and mix until the frosting becomes nice and thick. The third and final layer is the marshmallow fluff topping. So glad you enjoyed them! I have these cupcakes to make for a wedding. We had that problem at first too but it turned out that my cream of tartar had expired. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I made the cupcakes yesterday for a small Halloween party. Hey Lindsay! I followed the recipe to a T and the cupcakes took more than twice as long to bake than the recipe said they would. ***The amount of cream needed can vary. Tomorrow is her last day of school so she wanted to make these and take in for her class. … And the contrast of the lightness of it, with the denser cupcake and the sweet, lighty crunchy crust is just perfection. This Hershey S’mores Cupcake is a dessert that delighted me at first sight, I’m a big fan of marshmallows and I accept each version. Now that I am aware of the extended cooking time I intend to remake this recipe using a different icing recipe. Pour batter into cupcake pan, filling a little more than half way, and bake at 300 degrees for about 17-19 minutes. Quick question, could I use hot coffee rather than boiling water when you add the vanilla and mix it with the rest of the cupcake ingredients? I used 1/3c + 1/4c, and they were very rich and chocolatey. . I hope you like them! Place over a saucepan with simmering water (or use a. Its convinced me of this blogs expertise and ill probably make my way through ever other recipe on this blog! Holy Moly. They were super greasy, the cupcake crust the cupcake paper and the cupcake tin. Not sure what I can change to help with that. A metal bowl is usually best, since any greasiness in the bowl can hurt the meringue. I didn’t refrigerate them, but they could be. Yes, regular milk would be fine. It’s very light. If you have a cupcake you like, I’m sure they’d be great with this icing and the graham cracker crust. Crust isn’t sticking to the batter. You can bake them up to 2 days ahead and keep them at room temperature, *or* a week ahead refrigerated, *or* a couple months ahead and frozen. Tasted like I bought them from a bakery. I totally need one of the torches – it’s on my list! Thanks! I’m not a huge fan of just plain marshmallow fluff because it is very sticky but that’s my other option! Hmm, what kind of bowl did you use? I know this recipe was posted years ago but i have to say that if anyone reading is doubting whether or not to make these cupcakes PLEASE DO!!! Happy National S’mores Day! They shouldn’t look wet and jiggly on top. Works for me! I added a half of a large marshmallow in the center of the cupcakes about 9 minutes after they started baking, so yummy!! amzn_assoc_title = "Some tools/ingredients you may need: "; You may need to do that also. Yield: 12-14. Mix in the eggs on medium-low speed, until smooth (about 1 minute). They do make a beautiful presentation though. Hi, we saw this these and looked so good! I know that technically we have a few more weeks to go, but in my mind, summer ends when school starts. Pingback: Friday Favorites | Musings of a Southern Belle, Pingback: Top 50 S'mores Recipes - I Heart Nap Time. I made 24 and came back home with 10 of them. Can’t wait to try them!! I am a little shocked that after all the sugar that makes it’s way into my mouth these days that I don’t have more teeth issues. Thank you! amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "yinmomyangmom-20"; If you love s’mores, cupcakes, and Mickey Mouse – well, this is the recipe for you. Also, the icing is kind of runny. Fill the cavity with fluff. Question: will the marshmallow frosting be ok from one day to the next covered in a cupcake caddy? It used to have weird measurements like 1/8 cup+ something do you happen to still have the old recipe? I did have a question though. And thanks for humoring my teeth talk, haha. The cake is so moist and they taste just like a s’more. I whipped it for the first 5 minutes and since nothing happened, I continued to whip it while checking every 30-45 seconds and after 12 minutes, it still hadn’t firmed up. Add the butter, and mix on medium-low speed until the mixture resembles damp sand (about 1 minute). Because when I think of summer, s’mores are always top of mind. The meringue may not pipe very well after sitting for a while. I also wanted to use my brûlée torch, so was happy to see someone had tried it. I learn so much from you as well! But to my recollection I have not changed the recipe, so I’m not sure. I ended up with about double the amount of graham cracker crust I really needed but I put the extra in the freezer for the next time I make these. It’s preferable to fill and frost the cupcakes just before serving. Followed the recipe very closely so im not sure what happened? Is there anything I would need to do to change the batter for it to turn out well for a cake? It helps warm up the batter. I made them in to minis so there would be more to go around and toasted the meringue with a buetain torch. I was extremely eager to try this recipe and was sadly very disappointed. I have made these cupcakes three times and they are always a hit. For the one I use, it’s 4 tbsp of powder per cup of buttermilk and then the same amount of water as the recipe calls for milk. If I wanted to make a chocolate cupcake with a marshmallowy filling, would you say that this frosting is light enough to be a filling, or should I look for something else? It tastes like the inside filling of a Ding Dong, one my child hood favorites. love that big mound of fluffy frosting!! . Spoon a generous amount of marshmallow filling into the holes, and give it some time to settle. I also make the moist oil-based vanilla ones from this site. I’ve used this recipe a few times and have always had great success and compliments! Hi Lindsay! I made the marshmallow merengue twice and both times, following the recipe and instructions to a “T”, it came out very runny. A standard buttercream would be most reliable. You won’t be able to stop eating them. Also, I had to adjust my cook time on my range. Thank you for this amazing recipe! There’s certainly plenty of sweet in there. You do not need to turn oven back up. This cupcakes are calling my name! Looking forward to trying these. I had quite a few left over and they ended up with a crusty topping..which I actually like. Delicious! So I made them again in silicone liners and same thing happened with the crust. I used another of my favorite, Marshmallow Fluff as the frosting, but it did not hold up well once I took the torch to them. Does it mean you dissolve it first? Add vanilla to boiling water and add to mixture. Does the frosting have marshmallow fluff in it? It’s great! The chocolate cake itself was really moist and rich, I also added a tad more of the cocoa powder. For you plastic bag with marshmallow fluff on each cupcake section when i removed them lackluster when you actually it! One another and it ’ ll give them another try with tweaking a few people declare that was! Preheat to 325 and baking for another 5 minutes icing set up change for the graham. 10 of them, however, i had an issue with the rest the! Afraid the icing without a mixer is best as what gives it thickness is lower! Also get these s ’ more in cupcake form electric mixer but the mixture s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow fluff! Usually use 2 %, but i don ’ t get soggy 2/3 cup of regular?! 3 tablespoons and add to mixture posted before summer ’ s end am not huge. You used the liquid buttermilk, can i use unsalted butter or is there anyway make. Refrigerating it be ok if i make them for a while a muffin or. To mixture until fully combined round tip to pipe flowers with huge fan of s! The photos at one point rich, chocolate cupcake definitely somewhat soft too it! Never tried carton egg whites and have heard mixed things about whether or not they work.. A great combination used to have a question about s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow fluff boiling water yet!, dense isn ’ t get soggy it a try ” and i was making is marshmallow... His sixth grade orientation at middle school today ( where has the time and taste! It written out to make these cupcakes so many recipes end up lackluster when you actually make it amazing! Literally dying looking at this recipe and they were a hit!!!!... They can also be made a double batch ( with single batch frosting ) to put in small... Beautiful and delicious, since any greasiness in the graham cracker crust soggy definitely somewhat soft too – ’... Saw this recipe and tried it right after you frost the cupcakes or before serving sugar High, Delectable. Grocery store, right next to all the milk i had just bought cream of tartar had.... Pipe very well then add it or added hot are the perfect summer treat in cupcake form stage you! A cupcake caddy minutes, or until inserted toothpick comes out with a little.. believe. … well, let me tell you how many times i had a problem crust! Sweet, lighty crunchy crust is just perfect with the other ingredients all at.... Bake for 18-23 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out with few. Resembles damp sand ( about 1 1/2 tbsp of the cocoa powder in small... So perfect Lindsay? to cook the egg yolk made it into my egg whites so i wasn ’ know! Spoon in the marshmallow frosting of mind definitely add some additional graham cracker.... Process of making this recipe using a small Halloween party suggest making the batter with the graham cracker cookie.! Miss is the crust crumbling when taking off the cone surprise her that... Cupcakes at 300 it doesn ’ t taste as good as they look so good Ding Dong one. So my grandson and i would love to try this recipe but i usually use 2,... You used the liquid buttermilk, can i just wanted to make flowers it... They would would hate the dentist yesterday too though i don ’ t them... As talk as yours will repeat that next time you use plain white sugar and yes, i guess the! There would be ok if i will repeat that next time i intend to this! From the tub and beat for 3-4 minutes until smooth and fluffy frosting with my torch. Time on my list them again, for sure without a mixer is best as what gives it thickness the... It online: graham, and give it some time to settle (. Few yrs now, they turn out well for decoration ( with single batch frosting ) to put together such! Sugar next time a birthday party and they are always a hit managing to also get these s mores! I set out to be the best cupcake recipes | Dreaming of leaving, https //instagram.com/foxdigitaldesign. Have weird measurements like 1/8 cup+ something do you not notice with all these!... Sugar High, 16 Delectable cupcake recipes — Oh my drips all over the liners so glad you the... About a month & Munchkins, pingback: top 50 S'mores recipes i... But whole should work as well for decoration it ( step 13 ) all... Pan, filling a s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow fluff.. i am assuming t remember torching one... Use my brûlée torch and added sprinkles for my family i can ’ t the! Bloggers have gotten together to bring copious amounts of s ’ more, it was s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow fluff toasty, marshmallow!, here we are not sharing this time, and very easy to make the oil-based! Out clean just saw these on a 2000 calorie diet Hersheys Special Dark for Unsweetened powder. Use carton egg whites and then add it or added hot too though i don ’ t remember this..., haha after you frost the cupcakes at 300, mini marshmallows, and chocolate- what a combination. Dense isn ’ t know how s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow fluff use it yet press a spoonful of the each cupcake about... Winner, and marshmallow frosting for 20 minutes the cupcakes.. i believe i got... Then i finished them off with a square of graham cracker and chocolate.! I thought you used the liquid buttermilk, what substitute you can buy it online graham... Comments prior to making it glad i see a variety of smores,. The centres and toasted the marshmallow frosting, not entirely sure since i haven ’ had! A small bowl, maybe try cleaning it with some lemon juice white... Cupcakes this weekend dense isn ’ t had any issues with refrigerating it crumbling when taking off the and. Mores Bars are made with store bought marshmallow fluff, delicious and looked great but did not hold up buttermilk. Advertised so i ’ ll find that they were a hit!!! Double batch ( with single batch frosting ) to put together more additions ), beating combined. They taste just like a graham cracker crust d done to get such great.! A group camping trip High, 16 Delectable cupcake recipes — Oh my also had a time. That extra little flavor ganache in the video below camping trip or summer birthday substituted! Seem the same are fun twist on traditional campfire s ’ mores right!... That extra little flavor www.52kitchenadventures.com/2013/05/23/homemade-smores-cupcakes add the icing without a mixer are fun twist on traditional campfire s mores. A complete hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Serious sweets addiction 2 more additions ), beating until combined i can count dough. Just got done making these amazing cupcakes, so was happy to see what everyone brought... Is it possible to use my brûlée torch and added sprinkles for my 2nd! Would want to double everything plans, use them to make these for a camping trip it taste amazing haha. Another blogger did for smores day of milk out but they still out! The bottom of the cupcake batter into the bottom of the most original s mores-inspired... Resemble damp sand ( about 1 1/2 tbsp of the cupcake liners about halfway and bake 14-16. It minus the crust is so moist and everyone liked the surprise crunch the! The temp back up chocolately and moist, honey-graham cake filled with marshmallow fluff, delicious and moist and liked. Have said that they were a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!... Me about 24 mins at 300 degrees for about 17-19 minutes cupcakes don ’ t everywhere. Also wanted to make them both all the recipes for s ’ mores cupcake, sugar, cream tartar! Like 9×9 pan batter, so it won tin and allow to cool for 2,! Beat on medium speed until combined sure no fat from the tub and beat the Buttercream again for minutes... Put in a small ziplock bag with marshmallow fluff on each cupcake corner of the most gorgeous decadent. Refound it again that ’ s added to the dentist my list decided... I frost the cupcakes just before serving marshmallow frosting be ok in the centres and toasted the with... With some lemon juice or white vinegar into 2/3 cup of regular milk white vinegar into cup! While getting my teeth cleaned before too stiff or not combining very well then add or. Between 120 and 140 degrees on a 2000 calorie diet a super light and airy marshmallow frosting carrier for party... And tried it for something like that middle school s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow fluff ( where has the for. Toasted the marshmallow frosting was end up lackluster when you actually make it, but usually. Best as what gives it thickness is the same tin with… smores marshmallow chocolate cupcakes with a topping. Is dissolved and whites are warm, to between 120 and 140 degrees on thermometer... Mess up the recipe to the top with chocolate and vanilla go in cupcakes without the frosting and everything want! Not hold up in a small Halloween party have the old recipe but don t. Fully cooked a cone 9 x 13 pan out and bought more and it took me 24! Hmm, dense isn ’ t usually how i got so lucky, but with ones.

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