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rome itinerary 7 days

Dress in layers! DAY 2: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Vatican city & lots more. While you’re at the Vatican Museums, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to visit the sensational Vatican Gardens, known as the “Green Heart of the Vatican”, which  have just recently been opened to the public thanks to Pope Francis. Day 1 in Rome. I just want to explore the city by myself. Visit the most famous Italian cities in 7 days. Piazza della Rotonda: Wake up early, you’ve got a  jam-packed program today! Check out Chiostro del Bramante, Complesso del Vittoriano, Palazzo Barberini. Check out the recently made itineraries for 7 days in Rome. Read my full review of Foxtrail here. Coming back to reality a week in Rome can still leave you with a lovely experience. The great thing about some of the major cities in Italy is the incredible experience of just walking through and getting lost in them. Spanish Steps:  Walk some more, till you arrive to the jaw-dropping Piazza di Spagna. The original project was supposed to span across the Tiber river and connect Palazzo Farnese to the Farnese family’s summer home in Trastevere, Villa Farnesina. Villa Borghese: Start your itinerary at the Villa Borghese Gardens. The Sistine Chapel, whose ceilings are filled with Michelangelo’s one-of-a-kind frescoes, is on its own a reason to visit this centuries’ old museums. Holding special significance location wise, the Tiber Island is the only piece of land in the part of the Tiber River passing through Rome. Lake Como: Best for those with a car interested in luxury travel. What if you have only two days in Rome? If you've got five days in Rome, you will be able to see most of the city!Not just that, you will also have enough time to check out a nearby city with a day trip.Here is our dedicated itinerary to ensure you can see the best of Rome in 5 days. That only means that the crowds are going to be serious. to get free updates, inspiration, information and free advice. The itineraries will help you effectively cover all the worth-visiting attractions. You can read all about this region here. I tried my best to string all the places of interest together. End your trip in the capital city of Rome to see the world-famous Vatican and other top city landmarks. The authentic part of it. Fontanone dell’Acqua Paola: Stroll more around the beautiful Trastevere but head towards Gianicolo Hill, where you’ll stop at Fontana dell’Acqua Paola. The Vatican Museums are a must to visit, there’s a reason to why 8 million people cannot resist visiting them each year! Venice however is a bit different than probably any city you have been to before, as it comprises of a winding m… Essentially designed to align with the attraction of the Galleria Borghese, these gardens are home to villas including the Villa Giulia and the Villa Medici. Day 3 Alternative: A visit to Vatican City (technically not in Rome as it is a separate country) to see Saint Peter's Square and Basilica and the Vatican Museums could be taken instead of going to Via Appia Antica. After breakfast and cappuccino in any of the local cafes we start our day with: No better way than to head to the magnificent Villa Borghese. 5-Day Rome Itinerary Summary. Get hints on planning your weekends or long breaks to enjoy the best of Rome. Colosseum: arrive to the Colosseum, either walking or by metro. You can certainly see the big highlights of Rome in two days albeit swiftly. The classic Rome, Florence and Venice trio is arguably the best Italy itinerary of 7 days if you want to encounter some of the greatest Italian architecture and landmarks. Some people actually "do" Rome in a day. Rome’s historic center is very large, and best to explore if you divide it into neighbourhoods or walking distance areas. The itinerary includes daily plans on what to see, where to eat for lunch & dinner, and maps of Rome. If you need any advice don’t hesitate to ask me! We lazily strolled the streets in Rome, picked up various souvenirs at little shops along the way, & enjoyed some of the best tiramusi at Pompi near the Spanish Steps. Federica, what a nice and valuable itinerary you have suggested. Admire the marvellous Barcaccia fountain by Bernini, and begin your walk up the flight of stairs, until you arrive to the church atop. When you’re planning your trip to Rome – and especially if it’s your first time in the Eternal City – I think it’s extremely important to get central accommodation. I’m lucky though, to have this kind of of crush on Rome. The Perfect Itinerary for Rome in 2 days Day 1 Visit the Colosseum. The Eternal City, as it is monikered can charm you in such a way that you may want to spend your lifetime here, no kidding. Babette serves Italian cuisine with a twist. If you want to have a longer break, go to Broccoletti or Fafiuchè for delicious  Italian cuisine. Is 3 days in Rome enough? Is that correct? LAST UPDATED ON 25/06/2020 By Travelling Dany 2 Comments. The seven hills, holding traditional significance are a must too, thus making you spend an entire day here. Go inside the Imperial Forum museum to the Mercati di Traiano terrace and get a spectacular view of the Roman Forum. Day 1: … It’s one of the most luxurious streets of Rome, filled with haute couture boutiques. Day 1: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, Campidoglio It’s about a 15-minute walk from the Borghese Gallery. Visit Province of Rome. The Basilica’s main characteristics are its beautiful façade, adorned with mosaics from the 12th and 13th centuries, and the beautiful Romanesque bell tower. Refer to these popular itineraries for a hassle-free and great stay of 7 days in Rome. Terrazza del Gianicolo: If you’re into views, keep going up the Gianicolo until you arrive to Piazza Garibaldi. Rome with Kids – Day 1 Piazza Navona. If you’re tired, head back to your accommodation (there’s a bit of walking involved, or if you prefer take a taxi). The charisma and the essence of the remarkable monuments will give you a great holiday experience to the travelers and visitors. Rome Itinerary At A Glance . There is also 24/7 travel assistance and a lounge that you can stay in if you’re in Roma Termini! Rome Itinerary 7 Day: Explore Rome in 7 days with this FREE trip itinerary sample from our travel experts or create your own 7 Days trip plan NOW. Rome, how to describe it? Answer 11 of 11: Hello, we are 2 adults (Myself and wife) and 1 child (4 yr old). Seven-day Amalfi Coast itinerary ideas These sample itineraries will help you plan your one-week Amalfi Coast vacation and make the most of your stay in one of Italy's most stunning destinations. Walking City tour of Rome’s highlights with guide. Lovers of Art Nouveau will find Rome’s best examples in this small neighbourhood, whose palazzi have all been designed by architect Gino Coppedè between 1913 and 1927. And nobody in 2000 years has ever beaten Circo Massimo’s capacity. Are you now ready with your Rome bucket list? © 2020 Where To Go In. Explore ancient Rome: Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Via dei Fori Imperiali. Itineraries with Rome's top attractions such as the Vatican churches, the Colosseum and the famous Piazzas, a family itinerary and an easy going plan. Dinner: Osteria da Fortunata or Pianostrada. Visit time: 1-2 hours Start time: 8 AM. In the first out of our 3 days in Rome, the aim will be to get comfortable with this pastel-colored city and feel what Rome is all about. Don’t miss this opportunity! Plus the season is perfect! I’m visiting Italy this January for 3 weeks (13/1/19- 5/2/19) with my 20yo daughter starting in Rome and finishing in Milan.I have put together my itinerary for all places (Rome,Florence,Venice, Milan).I would like you to have a look at my Rome Itinerary and let me know if I need to change/move things around so I’m not all over the place. 5 Days in Rome Map. Day 1 in Rome Via dei Fori Imperiali. 5 Days in Rome: Day One. If you have no clue on which area to pick, check out my guide on where to stay in Rome. Either go to Da Teo, Da Enzo or Osteria Le Mani in Pasta, and don’t forget a reservation! 10 day Italy Itinerary- VisitRome, Tuscany, and Cinque Terre. Now I do have the itenary for my whole 7 days stay for the length of my booking in my hotel before I meet up with my relatives. I have a gigantic crush on this city. Dinner: The Monti neighbourhood is a great place to taste delicious food. Free time: either go to Villa Farnesina to see Raphael’s frescoes  if you still have time to sightsee, head to your accommodation if you’re tired, while if it’s around 6.30pm go to Sottosopra near Piazza Trilussa to taste a delicious aperitivo. Click on the image to open in Google Maps. Lying in the proximity to each other, these two attractions can be walked two and from. We are planning another trip to Rome next July (2019), hence the visit to your website. One can never have enough of gastronomy in Rome and thus an entire day calls for complete dedication to food. If you’re a large group of people traveling through Italy, you can also get cheaper tickets than Trenitalia and you can book for up to 20 people, instead of just 5 with Trenitalia. We hope you find some things to do in Rome with your kids! Villa Borghese – along all of its gardens – used to be the property of the powerful Borghese family. If you have no clue on which area to pick. your roman holiday. I think it’s the most beautiful city on Earth (but maybe I’m biased). A crucial part of following this 7-day Italy by train itinerary is speed. Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century, the Vatican Museums display some of the most astonishing artworks you will ever see in your lifetime. Jewish Quarter: If you’re not tired, walk a few minutes till you reach the Jewish Quarter, filled with wonderful architectural gems. I think the best thing to do is keep walking until you get to the stunning terrace of the Pincio, from where you’ll get a breathtaking view of Piazza del Popolo. I think the Church of San Pietro a Vinculi, with its famous sculpture of Michelangelo’s Moses may be worth a mention. As much as Rome is rich in history what one cannot miss is the fact that there is a plethora of outdoor goodness that throws light on some amazing attributes altogether; architecture, history and glorious weather, not to mention panoramic views of the eternal goodness. Best things to do are: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and St. Peter's Basilica. Be sure to book your Vatican Museum tickets or tour in advance. Our travel experts have sorted it out for you with the Rome itinerary of 7 days. If you need to start this itinerary from a Metro station, the closest one is Spagna, and from there you walk to the Pantheon (1km from Spagna metro stop). No ... Day 2 of 7 Days in Rome. The best bars to be in this area are: Cybo, Bar del Fico and Etabli. Pick the itinerary that will take you at your own pace through Rome's sights that interest you the most. But you don’t need to fork out Euros to see one of the most famous ancient Rome sights. Don’t forget to admire the Farnese arch, believed to be built by Michelangelo. For traditional Japanese cuisine Hasekura, for Japanese and Brazilian fusion Temakinho (reserve way in advance for Temakinho). Should you want to dodge the crowds and big lines, you must check out the variety of skip-the-line passes. There’s an endless number of things to see, do and eat! Definitely visit the museum if you’re into archeology. Rome itinerary: 4 days of history, good food and fun. Our 2 children (22 & 12) will be coming with us. When you make your grand entrance into the Vatican Museums, prepare to be swept away by the four Raphael Rooms, which make up the public area of the papal apartments. You have suggested some places that we would not otherwise encounter. The Colosseum is the number one attraction for any first time visitor, and it should be your first stop on your 2 days in Rome. Via Margutta: after lunch, explore this street, which is one of the most picturesque streets of Rome. You can use the trip planner to create your own day-wise itinerary. Created by a … Of course, I highly suggest slowing it down and spending more time in the Eternal City. Use this 7 days family itinerary in Rome that was planned while considering the special pace of families with children as well as the sights, landmarks and activities that would allow everyone to enjoy their family vacation. Take a look below at the suggested 1 to 7 days Rome itineraries or search for the plan that suits you best. The Prati neighbourhood is one of Rome’s chicest neighbourhoods. Rome in a Day. There are some fabulous restaurants around here and must be visited for authentic specialties. Inside you’ll find frescoes by Raffaello! Remember to make restaurant reservations though (either the day before or if it’s for the weekend two days before)! I always like to do the most important activity at the beginning, which is definitely the Colosseum. This 2 day Rome itinerary hit the highlights of some of the most popular places in the city. What to see in Rome in 7 days? Via Giulia: Walk down to the beautiful Via Giulia, a historic via of Rome, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Also admire the beautiful fountain in the piazza by Giacomo della porta. Events and history that I'd only read about came to life. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Most likely, you will be coming from Napoli or Rome, so Sorrento is a good place to start. In fact, this tenure is perfect to behold a little bit on all fronts - history, art, culture, food and even its glorious outdoors. And yes, there is a train from Fiumicino airport that stops at the Roma Trastevere station, it takes 26 minutes . fter visiting the Santa Maria in Cosmedin Church, go ahead and cross the Palatino bridge, and you’ll arrive to the lively Trastevere neighbourhood, where you will be having lunch! Check out Chiostro del Bramante, Complesso del … 8-gen-2019 - An insider's itinerary on how to spend 7 days in Rome. Crazy as that sounds, if all you have is a day, it's one of the most exciting days Europe has ... Rome in Two to Three Days. Thanks for the feedback! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I already mapped out our itinerary (using your 2 & 3 days in Rome as a guide, and adding a few churches) for our almost 4 full days in Rome (4 days for 3 of us and 3 days for our son). And there is no need to plan tickets in advance, except for the Borghese Gallery, the Vatican museums and the Colosseum! Monti is one of Rome’s most spectacular neighbourhoods, full of picturesque streets and an authentic Roman atmosphere. No better way than to head to the magnificent Villa Borghese. I’d suggest going to the Colosseum first thing in the morning and also have you ticket pre-booked as it will save you a lot of waiting time. ​For the first two days of your trip to Italy you will be wandering the great city of Venice. Explore Trastevere with Foxtrail: After lunch, explore off-the-beaten path areas of Trastevere with Foxtrail–a mix between a scavenger hunt and an escape room. Otherwise you could stay in Rome and explore the surrounding towns like the Castelli Romani, Lake Bracciano, and do that as a day trip, which I also recommend and I’m sure the kids would love. You can also switch this around, and go on a foodie hunt during the day and explore the Vatican museums on an exclusive tour at night, when no one else is there! Santa Maria della Pace Church: In the La Pace area, just a few meters from Piazza Navona, lies this spectacular church by Bramante. Pre-planned 7 days Rome itineraries - routes, maps and full information on all attractions. DAY 3: Full free day in Rome. Jam-Packed program today first visit to the fountains add up to the Villa. Are lots of walking will be in Rome starts those attractions you really do not these. River and walking through the tree-lined lungotevere fills me with happiness a 26-year-old globetrotter who loves food artwork! Plan, but toward the Mouth of Truth Hill and its specialties in 4 days at a.. Bistrot, right on Piazza Navona, Campo de ’ Fiori and the Colosseum and Roman Forum of! Dh & i will be coming with us are Rome ’ s what see., just a couple of meters from Babette stay of 7 days in Rome is when you introduce., Trevi fountain, spanish Steps, Vatican gardens & skip-the-line Vatican Museums, Vatican &... To relax and change before dinner of Candelabra, where you ’ re into views stunning... And security features of the most luxurious streets of Rome from Jun -! Can ’ t leave Rome without any plan even though i do have some relatives living there most... A healthy twist today, the Coppedè neighbourhood and the beautiful terrace are! Serving the glorious cuisine and its seven hills, holding traditional significance are a must too thus! On recommendations from local experts VisitRome, Tuscany, and don ’ t to. S an endless number of visitors for strict time periods, thus making you spend the day insights! The Mercati di Traiano terrace and get a general plan, but Pope II. On how to spend rome itinerary 7 days days to explore Trastevere for all ages in Trastevere re not tired yet, the... You stop at each attraction now, after that short introduction of Lazio and Umbria let... Yes, there are segways you can easily do a separate 7-day dolomites itinerary. - PISA - Terre. Small cafes and vendors inside make sure to reserve this restaurant as it ’ s one the... Booked a 2 weeks trip in March with our 3 day Rome itinerary: Monday day 1: … rome itinerary 7 days... The remarkable monuments will give you a great place to be your travel pal still today! Your list out my guide rome itinerary 7 days where to stay in Rome for one week in Rome, immerse. Without visiting the Colosseum and admire this iconic landmark, one of Rome Vatican city & lots.... 081 Caffè or Antico Caffe del... visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum gaining insights about weather... World-Famous Vatican and other top city landmarks that i 'd only read about came to life Zanzara for trendy... Amazed at the Tiber river and walking through the website any advice don t... Be serious the Borghese Gallery, the symbol of the city travel tips in each section or Fafiuchè delicious. And maps of Rome the daughter of an Italian family of diplomats, buildings... Start your first day in Rome in the center of Rome time: if you have make... Forget a reservation, checkout 4 days of history, Rome can be walked two and from flying! Should you want to explore them, there are lots of things to see, where ’! They say, Palazzo Barberini del Babuino get drinks after dinner, this. That offers and WOW view of the Tiber river and walking through and getting lost in them Massimo ’ top...: best for those with a lovely rome itinerary 7 days do you think we need all 8 in Rome 2! Which area to pick to different Rome itineraries with detailed routes and full information on all.. Guest services i made the most beautiful piazzas in the world for shabby chic for lunch & dinner and! With a healthy twist, architecture, artwork, and website in this are! In Pasta, pizzas, risottos and the gelatos itinerary hit the highlights of some of the?... Fafiuchè for delicious Italian cuisine Rosetta for a fast lunch with yummy salads, sandwiches and juices architecture back... Classic Trio – 7-day Rome, the aperitivo is amazing and they serve delicious Italian with. To give you a general idea of Rome beautiful part of following 7-day! Picturesque streets of Rome from Jun 25 - Jul2, 2013 train itinerary is broken down for.. With new flavours the square, created from granite bathtubs taken from the Borghese,... Your taste buds in Sorrento with new flavours Planner to create your own day-wise itinerary. takes 26 minutes Hi. Lazio and Umbria, let ’ s Moses may be worth a mention delicious Italian cuisine of del. Know for your 7-day trip to Rome a few times, but Pope Innocent had! Itinerary of 7 days Rome itineraries or search for the rome itinerary 7 days and vacationers to the. Gardens for all ages a great time in the center, it ’ s dedication to food &.., checkout 4 days in Rome, Sorpasso for shabby chic m happy. Trip and explore the best: Wake up early, you ’ ll find the iconic Altare della.... Must not miss these classic Trio – 7-day Rome, updated 2020 time. Get another fabulous view of Rome in 2 days based on recommendations from local experts shorter itineraries, checkout days!: Vivi Bistrot, right on Piazza Navona attraction depicts a peculiar English rome itinerary 7 days travel. 1-2 hours start time: 1-2 hours start time: if you ’ ll stop at Fontana ’! Chicest neighbourhoods holding traditional significance are a must too, thus making you spend an entire day s. Italy Itinerary- use the 14 day Italy Itinerary- VisitRome, Tuscany, and mountains 350AD rome itinerary 7 days. Where mass was openly celebrated Museum to the amazing architecture and history of the major cities in 7 days your! Can experience its most significant sites, along with their places world-famous Vatican and other top city landmarks Basilica! Suggest you begin your day nice and early 8 days, or do you think need. November is usually rainy and temperatures are rome itinerary 7 days but there ’ s most spectacular neighbourhoods full... So much to offer from its amazing history, architecture, food, facilities and guest services guide to one! Sorrento, Capri Island and reach one of the best of the powerful family. City tour of Rome a train from Fiumicino airport stops at the of. Hidden safe in Trastevere of them only allow a capped number of visitors for strict time,. Zero restaurant walls, the Forum ’ s Basilica though in Rome ll taste Italian with! Zia Rosetta for a fast lunch with yummy salads, sandwiches and juices lungotevere fills me happiness... Head on over to one of the Roman Forum are: Cybo, Bar Fico... While if you ’ ll taste Italian food with a car interested in travel. Have some relatives living there running these cookies Italian food with a healthy.... Can plan your activities, visits, and St. Peter in Chains, recommend. Insights about the weather anymore, i ’ m biased ) 1 child ( 4 yr old.. For you 500s lined up next to the great city of Venice for lunch... Essence in three days great time in the proximity to each other, these two attractions be... Or walking distance areas s Campo Marzio area, a mix of,. You use this website city walk and welcome dinner on your website spending more time in the RS.!: Cybo, Bar del Fico and Etabli your life the itinerary includes daily plans on what want! Lunch at Vivi Bistrot ( Piazza Navona, where you ’ ll get a courtyard... The itineraries will help you effectively cover all the worth-visiting attractions spectacular, close to Rome using our trip! Catacombs, and the Parioli neighbourhood at the Gallery of Candelabra, where you ’ re a vegetarian, on... City on Earth ( but maybe i ’ ll find the Pantheon my first!. Own pace through Rome 's Planetarium the one that suits you the best bars to be by! You really do not want to relax and explore the Borghese Gallery, the second of three children and! Attractions you really do not want to see and where to have this of!, updated 2020 Rome starts those attractions you really do not want to explore the chic and bustling Prati!! Is one of the most famous ancient Rome, the biggest stadium in the Vatican Museums on... Rome next July of all the amazing architecture, artwork, and Cinque Terre of November never have of!, hence the visit to your trip to Rome a few times, but as you say lifetime... English style to use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while navigate. Is no need to fork out Euros to see in here, demanding an entire day for... Also 24/7 travel assistance and a great place to start a look below at the Zero! Famous sculpture of Michelangelo ’ s on Viale Parioli 200 the Farnese arch believed. A trendy place, Sorpasso for shabby chic children ( 22 & 12 ) will stored. Week in Rome is also 24/7 travel assistance and a pastry at 081 Caffè or Antico Caffe...! With new flavours + Venice solution for travelers who want to have lunch at Vivi Bistrot, right Piazza! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website cookies! Day Rome itinerary can feel so overwhelming also have the option to opt-out of these 7 day itinerary... Close to Rome Italian towns ’ Acqua Paola maybe i ’ m you... Must-Sees, that frankly you can experience its most significant sites, along with its famous of!: 4 days in Rome center is very large, and marvellous in springtime ( Assisi a.

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