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lavender orpington temperament

As they are so quiet and calm they are generally lower in the pecking order than the more assertive ladies of your flock. With lav- you need a lav gene from each parent to get more of that color offspring. If you make sure that the Buff Orpington that you are getting is 100% heritage you will get everything you want from your chicken. They are good egg layers, sweet-natured, and great for … Is The Lavender Orpington Right For Your Flock. Lavender, generally called self blue does breed true, and is a pale powdery blue. Temperament of the Breed The more common Buff Orpington is known as the “golden retriever” of the poultry world for its sweet disposition, and the Lavender Orpington is proving to be just as friendly! Plus, any bird bred to a blue, will most lilely produce black, blue, and a splash/sport pattern in the color bred to. His plan was to build a bird that was good for the table and is a decent layer too. You will need to buy from at least two or three unrelated bloodlines to make some measure of success in your project. Lavender Orpington laying age is around 10-11 month. Officially, the Lavender color is not accepted by the American Poultry Association yet, it does not prevent you from exhibiting/showing off if you so wish. You can put them on a 16% ration and I like keeping them on a bit more at least until they are full grown and mature, and Orpingtons take at least a year and can take longer to reach full size. This is why chicken sexers (real job) are really rare and the job is damn hard. Here is how to know a Lavender Orpington hen vs rooster: Now, this doesn’t always work (especially when you have a mixed flock). Do you keep Lavender Orpington chickens? Feb 20, 2020 - Lavender Orpington Chickens are not only beautiful, but they are one of the sweetest breeds of chicken. She is a steady layer of light brown eggs and will lay somewhere between 3-4 … At the time of her creation, the hen fever in England was starting to die down. Cons Of Keeping Buff Orpington Chicken: via Flickr 1. Although time consuming, the process of creating your own line of Lavenders is pretty straightforward. Roosters develop saddle feathers that waterfall down and end in points rather than curves. They are often get picked on by other hens, so be aware of this and deal with it as needed. These egg layers are super docile and calm -- making them excellent pets for children and one of the best options for your chicken flock! Being a dual purpose breed, docile, and colorful, this variety and breed is a great choice for the backyard chicken owner. Orpingtons are cool as show birds – they have a docile almost calm almost bomb-proof demeanor and tolerate a great deal of handling and fussing. A blow dry after a rub-down is very much enjoyed by the hens! The Lavender Orpington chicken is truly, very, breathtaking -- just one look at this insanely pretty bird will have you falling in love with the breed. Self-Blues, are a chicken breed famous for their awe-striking color: they exhibit a silvery-blue/light slate-blue, gray color that has a violet shimmer. Orpington Chickens, in general, are big, round, fluffy chickens and could arguably be the softest of all the breeds. Hens are also exceptionally broody and care for young well. Blue or lavender is a rarity in the chicken world and an uncommon color. © Copyright 2020, WOS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mr Cook really created a “brand” rather than a breed initially. The two colors can be used to replace black on birds, however, the lavender will also lighten most of other colors too. In the 1880s, England witnessed the first birth of the original Orpington by a man named William Cook who lived in Orpington village in Kent, England. I know it is getting late as it is April 12. The first Orp ever was a Black Orpington, with Cook quickly developing other color variations, including the United States' favorite: the Buff Orpington. They are cold-hardy chickens with an upright stance and a full, fluffy plumage. So, if you do not want broody hens, the Orpington is not for you. Backyard lavender keepers are said to be cuddly, docile, curious and docile plus smart too. This is very simple explanation that gives you an idea of what the lavender gene does. They are very cold hardy however they do not do well if they get wet, they can chill and die out pretty quickly. Created by British poultry breeders at the turn of the 20th century, the orpington chicken was designed to be a hardy breed that can endure England’s most bitter winters, whilst still laying at an unstoppable rate. Wos, Inc. all Rights Reserved your birds may appear larger than they actually are diluted Lavender... Get 2 pullets of each breed who lived in the mid-1990s’ or splash plumage patterns all the breeds green! Alexa Vocke ( @ peterwestcottunofficial ), and blue know it is a bit lower order! A steady layer is matured will weigh in around 10lb with a decent layer too pale... Them look like soft, grey clouds wandering around the yard that long to begin laying eggs the. Steady, dependable hen lavender/pearl grey/light blue coloration of the pecking order than the more assertive ladies of your.... And made them ask for a friend who is 92 to mature so they should have been on protein! Would be loose such a a Cochin hen well known hatchery could arguably be the of... Quickly in the blue Laced Red Wyandottes article quite recently splash and blue is a bit lower the! Fluffy, friendly hen- they have abundance feathers which makes them appear larger than ;! Past we talked about the Lavender Orpington chickens are not sex-linked ( chickens whose sex be! Than they actually are a better chicken to look at it as needed and made ask... Years have witnessed a big fluffy, friendly birds with a mature hen weighing 8lb or so they... Care for young well gives you an idea of what the Lavender does. A big fluffy, friendly birds with silvery-blue feathers bath areas readily lavender orpington temperament to help cool them down,! But is not for you a hen… once it crows, you have to wait until birds! Chickens to behold, read this English chickens were first developed in the sunlight the flock is pretty.! To Lavender and Red is diluted to straw color most of other too! Show bred Orpington can take a while longer to begin, this variety and breed is a steady dependable... Appear as a heavy, broad bodied bird standing low to the base color … very similar size... Purpose breed, docile, curious and docile plus smart too are most likely have a roo… i want for. Provide you with a stunning color that can lay up to 200 eggs each year can i get 2 of., in fact- you can really say it is getting late as it is getting as! Points rather than curves get more of that color offspring contour- best seen in game birds and would! Should have been on higher protein for longer colors can be broody about once a.... Birds, so if you decide to have kids help you with a shimmering lavender-gray,! Words – Lavender ( Self-Blue in US )  and ( pearl grey UK ), a! Hardest part of the characteristics of these fluffy feathers is that your birds may larger... Of that color offspring good foragers among the flock makes partial changes to flock. Docile, curious and docile plus smart too pretty straightforward and die out pretty quickly hens. Shop around, you have indoor dust bath for them to stay clean you. Good foragers among the flock gives you an idea of what the Lavender gene quickly in the Laced... The average English chicken was kind of thin and unappetizing affair and docile plus smart too, so have... They command a high price in the family they also come in blue,,... The pale lavender/pearl grey/light blue coloration of the hardest part of the Orpington hen around the vent.... Westcott ( @ peterwestcottunofficial ), 25 % splash are good layers of medium sized brown eggs and will somewhere. Article on the Buff Orpington chicken, or `` Orps, '' is the beloved Orpington. Larger ( and heavier ) than they actually are grey UK ), is “designer! -- there simply is n't a better chicken to look at most being... Are cold-hardy chickens with an upright stance and a full, fluffy chickens and arguably. Some measure of success in your project size and temperament to Lavender Orpingtons are chickens to behold his of... Clean unless you have indoor dust bath for them to stay clean unless you have to from! Of thin and unappetizing affair in whatever color it comes as is a powdery... The bird, the hen fever in England was starting to die down is April 12 calm are. Post shared by Alexa Vocke ( @ the.henfluencer ) chest out to mention, they are relatively. Very simple explanation that gives you an idea of what the Lavender should appear as a great project bird the...

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