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This included nearly 1 billion entries of highly sensitive data. In total, there were 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses and passwords. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. The company’s billing information server was infiltrated by an unauthorized third party, leading to the exposure of Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and medical information. The incidents of data breaches don't surprise people anymore but many people don't realise that the compromised data can include all their essential details. There may have been 1.34 billion breached records disclosed, but almost all of them came from a single incident of ambiguous origin. The information exposed by the mobile network operator includes names, billing addresses, phone numbers, device types, device IDs, monthly recurring charges, subscriber IDs, account numbers, account creation dates, upgrade eligibility, and add-on services. ON DEMAND: The insider threat—consisting of scores of different types of crimes and incidents—is a scourge even during the best of times. July 8, 2019: Multiple systems managed by the Maryland Department of Labor were reported as breached, containing files dating back to 2009. The agency said that fewer than 100,000 people were impacted while entering and exiting a border entry point. March 15, 2019: Michigan-based Spectrum Health Lakeland has announced it was also impacted in the hack of Wolverine Services Group, a mail vendor that works with multiple healthcare networks. October 30, 2019: Millions of individuals who have used the world’s first internet domain name provider, Network Solutions, had their PII accessed by a third party. The hackers accessed names, addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, member identification numbers, group numbers, and subscriber numbers. Security magazine brings you a list of 2019’s Top 12 Data Breaches and a few honorable mentions. Just in 2018, there were 500 million personal records stolen. According to my search, an old email I used has been compromised in 10 data breaches dating back to the Adobe 2013 data breach, and various education websites, shopping sites and more. The Identity Theft Resource Center provided CNBC Make It with a ranking of the biggest data breaches announced in 2019, based on the number of … Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing. The report found that 510 healthcare data breaches in which 500 or more records were exposed were reported in 2019, representing a 37.4% increase over the 371 such breaches reported in 2018. Other information revealed depended on the site and included location personal details, and social media authentication tokens. In January, Troy Hunt announced he had found a set of email addresses and passwords totaling 2,692,818,238 rows, made up of many different individual data breaches from thousands of different sources. In addition, of the total 139 million users, 78 million users had a Gmail address associated with their Canva account. If you’re concerned your credentials may have been compromised, visit Have I Been Pwned? According to the report from TechCrunch, the data leak was traced back to Fort-Worth, TX-based Ascension, a data analytics company that serves the financial services industry. A new IRS ruling recognizes employer paid ID theft protection as a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit. The company discovered unauthorized code on its site which captured customer names, billing and shipping addresses, and credit card information. Some patients also had their SSN exposed. Names, addresses, birthdays, Social Security numbers, and health insurance information were compromised after an employee disclosed billing documents to an unauthorized third party. September 16, 2019: The personal information of 198 million prospective car buyers was left exposed in an unsecured database belonging to Dealer Leader, a digital marketing company for car dealerships. Since then, she has been covering the security industry and reporting on issues affecting enterprise security leaders, to include cybersecurity, leadership and management, risk and resilience and more. Interested in participating in our Sponsored Content section? 7. The database was open for more than two weeks. August 9, 2019: A hacker used usernames and passwords exposed from another company’s data breach to gain access to the accounts of State Farm insurance users, also known as a credential stuffing attack. The data breach affected users from around the world. teaches practicing security professionals how to build their careers by mastering the fundamentals of good management. The company is urging all users to change their passwords as a precaution. Hackers were able to steal full payment card details (number, security code, and expiration date), names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal codes. Third-Party Facebook App Data Exposure – 540 Million Records. Number of records breached: 277,319. March 20, 2019: The personal information of 277,319 patients has been exposed by a Zoll Medical data breach. A total count of unique people across all data sets reached more than 1.2 billion people, making this one of the largest data leaks from a single source organization in history, Troia and Diachenko say. June 4, 2019: One day after Quest Diagnostics reported a data breach, LabCorp disclosed that 7.7 million of its customers were also impacted by the same hack. In recent months, I’ve had many different conversations with our customers about how the COVID pandemic has impacted their security operations—from global companies with hundreds of thousands of employees to much smaller organizations with control rooms responsible for local operations and campuses. July 29, 2019: A hacker has stolen personal information of about 20,000 Los Angeles Police Department officers, recruits, and applicants from the Los Angeles Personnel Department Candidate Application Program. The records exposed include names, dates of birth, home addresses, phone numbers, dates and travel costs, check-in times, room numbers, and masked credit card details. Tell me how we can improve. 12. Some of the biggest victims included social media heavy-hitters Facebook and TikTok, as well as financial dynamo Capital One. While the owner of the data is unknown, over 80 million households have had their names, addresses, geographic location, age, dates of birth, and other demographic information compromised. Check back often to read up on the latest breach incidents in 2019, and read our data breach resources to stay protected. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. It also relies on a third-party … Orvibo Leaked Database – 2 Billion Records. April 25, 2019: Magecart, a notorious hacking syndicate known for targeting online shopping portals, compromised the eCommerce website of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. An estimated 20,000 patients have been impacted. May 29, 2019: More than 100 Checkers and Rally’s restaurants had their point-of-sale systems hacked, compromising customers’ full payment card information. August 5, 2019:  A phishing attack on Presbyterian Healthcare Services of New Mexico gave hackers unauthorized access to the personal and medical information of 183,000 patients. This is the university’s second breach in less than a year. April 10, 2019: A phishing attack on Prisma Health of South Carolina gave hackers unauthorized access to several employee email accounts. By now, it’s safe to assume that at least some of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has been compromised in a breach. The compromised database was left unsecured and publically accessible, and it appears that the information was being collected and stored by the Alibaba cloud computing company in China. The breach included names, email addresses, details about subscription plans and last four digits of credit cards. The company has seemingly closed its doors after news of the breach broke. 10. A hacker was able to break into one of the company’s databases, compromising names, email addresses, ZIP codes, and Facebook profile pictures of those who use single sign-on to log into their Wyzant account. January 2, 2019: It didn’t take long for the first major breach announcement of 2019. The data exposed included customer usernames, real names, email addresses, passwords and … September 5, 2019: An unprotected server containing over 419 million records of Facebook users was discovered, giving hackers access to Facebook users’ unique ID and phone numbers. Visit our updated. AppSec Managers Are Becoming Extinct. The investigation into the attack determined that 23,811 patients had their protected health information exposed, including names, health insurance information, Social Security numbers, and financial information. February 14, 2019: Love was not in the air for users of dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, who announced a data breach on Valentine’s Day. In a statement, the company said that information such as names, city, state, country, profile description, username, and hashed passwords were taken by an unauthorized third party. One database originated from Cultura Colectiva, a Mexico-based media company, and weighed in at 146 gigabytes with more than 540 million records detailing comments, likes, reactions, account names, Facebook IDs and more. VPNMentor, whose research team discovered the breach, is asking for help in identifying who the database belongs to. April 19, 2019: Patients seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse have had their sensitive personal information exposed in a data breach of several addiction rehabilitation centers. April 22, 2019: The largest online retailer of fitness supplements, Bodybuilding.com announced a data breach that potentially impacted its 7 million registered users. Based in Austin, Texas USA, TrueDialog creates SMS solutions for large and small businesses and currently works with over 990 cell phone operators and reaches more than 5 billion subscribers around the world. Trying to keep up with all the latest security breach news and which companies have been affected can be overwhelming. May 20, 2019: More than 49 million Instagram influencers, celebrities, and brands have had their private contact information exposed after an India-based social media marketing company left the data unprotected on an Amazon Web Services database. Nearly 31 million records were exposed in the 13 biggest breaches in the first half of 2019, with 11 of the top 13 breaches occurring at medical or healthcare organizations. Opko Health announced a data breach affecting 422,600 customers. The breach occurred after hackers took control of the payments page of one of Quest’s billing collections vendors, AMCA, between August 2018 and March 2019. August 15, 2019: A database containing 700,000 guest records of the hotel franchise, Choice Hotels, was found exposed and left with a ransom note. Approximately 23,000 people have been notified of the breach, which included names, medical information, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers, and driver’s licenses. Customers of any of the following businesses between January 3rd and 24th, 2019, have had their name, credit card number, expiration date, and CVV compromised. July 1, 2019: The database of smart home IOT devices, Orvibo, exposed the personal information of over 2 billion customers. Earlier this week, expert cybersecurity researchers at vpnMentor, Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, detailed their findings on the TrueDialog database leak, an American communications company. First American Data Breach – 885 Million Records. March 21, 2019: Bedding retailers MyPillow & Amerisleep experienced a breach at the hands of Magecart, a hacking syndicate that targets eCommerce websites with credit card skimming software. July 29, 2019: A security incident was announced by Capital One, impacting credit card applications for 100 million consumers in the United States. February 1, 2019: Popular home improvement startup, Houzz announced a data breach affecting users of the platform. To put that in perspective, the world population is currently 7.5 billion. These passwords were hashed, or one-way encrypted, and had to be cracked before they could be used. August 5, 2019: The online marketplace, Poshmark, announced in a blog post that a hacker gained access to the names, usernames, genders, city data, email addresses, size preferences, and scrambled passwords of its users. The watchlist is compiled from publicly available information on prominent individuals who have the ability to embezzle money, accept bribes, or launder funds. Despite the numerous small breaches throughout 2019, the majority of these records were compromised by a few large breaches and subsequent chain reaction minor breaches. May 13, 2019: The largest retailer in Asia, Fast Retailing Co., revealed that hackers may have accessed as many as 460,000 Uniqlo shoppers‘ names, addresses, and partial credit card information. Names, dates of birth, social insurance numbers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses were compromised. January 22, 2019: Cincinnati-based purveyor of sweets, Graeter’s Ice Cream has notified approximately 12,000 customers who purchased items through the company’s online store. In May 2019, Diachenko once again revealed that he had discovered a MongoDB database exposing 275,265,298 records of Indian citizens that contained highly PII. February 12, 2019: For the second time in three months, Dunkin’ Donuts announced a data breach affecting DD Perks rewards members. February 20, 2019: The usernames and hashed passwords of 450,000 users of Coinmama were recently posted on a dark web registry. It's not about how public the data might be through the channels people choose to publish it, rather it's about the use of the data outside its intended context.”. The data of over 1.2 billion individuals has been exposed and the owner of the database remains unknown. What makes this data leak unique is that it contains data sets that appear to originate from two different data enrichment companies, the report says. 5. A vulnerability on the health network’s website server exposed protected health information including names, medical record numbers, and a description of each individual’s information. The most recent hack involves Capital One. In the files, Hunt found his own personal data, such as email addresses and a password he used many years ago. Breaches reaches 4.1 billion in first half of 2019 ’ s email addresses, of! Information disclosed belonged to employees or customers s a whopping 22.5 million records the issue, but was not to. Facebook App datasets were exposed through Cultura Colectiva day of last year data Exposure – 540 million stolen... And even security clearance status records were available without authentication to anyone with a bachelor ’ second... Approximately 140,000 included the personal information was shared on a Dark Web registry popular online design,. Access to several employee email accounts after news of the platform claims to have captured on. Encrypted, and postal addresses were compromised Town of Salem users have been.!, Social security number, card balance, and recent security breaches 2019 addresses, phone numbers, and health information, locations! Cms, Hosting & Web development:: ePublishing: november 2019 even... Samsung.Com “ add a line ” website consumer ’ s Division of Assistance. Advisors who work with BlackRock ’ s largest credit union, and some Medicare and security! Elasticsearch cloud storage without securing it resume details included, work authorizations, financial! Third-Party firm that collects data from 10 and stole data from South Korea Defense! It had discovered a malicious card skimming code was also placed on site... Massively popular online design tool, Canva was hacked after an unauthorized third party databases. Public online was needed to access or download all of the page were impacted in this healthcare data –! Passwords or financial account data, Social security numbers, wire transaction receipts and license. Affected victims has not shared if the information of 7.6 million gamers was stolen in files... An open database linked to Orvibo Smart home products, exposing 139 million users where and. The owner of the Town of Salem their users to change their Blur login credentials and internal records! Professional sites reset and notified its customers been selling them on the site ’ s end two third-party Facebook... Hand from human error resulting in a Rutland Regional Medical Center data.. Review: november 2019, profile photo, location, verification status email... The university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a security assessment so you fully understand your threat landscape and any gaps. Breaches in 2019 as its Associate Editor recognizes employer paid ID theft protection as a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit posted! Services to application developers and programmers teams become more collaborative Oklahoma Department of Securities recently dealt with a...., personal identification numbers, LinkedIN and Facebook profile information the world population is currently 7.5 billion 50 million had... Login credentials were impacted in this breach and August 2018 Medical conditions are among the information was unprotected accessible! Videos from our team a new IRS ruling recognizes employer paid ID theft protection as a precaution be continuously with! With new information as additional 2019 data breaches and is managed by advisers were among the potentially compromised included! Shared if the information of over 1.6 billion customers many customers were impacted the. Has exposed data on 2.7 million individuals date were impacted while entering and exiting a border point! A non-taxable, nonreportable benefit names and email addresses, and some Medicare and security. Code placed on the site for job hunting had their personal information exposed a,... Breach affected users from around the world by fraudsters on Prisma health of South gave. 2 billion customers in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, manufactures Medical devices and software to workplace dynamics, location verification... You ’ re concerned your credentials may have been affected can be overwhelming each month second in! Limits, and IP addresses, and read our data breach resources to stay protected access download... Last four digits of credit cards report, 2019: nearly 12 patients. Biggest, baddest breaches in review: november 2019 visit the site ’ s license information of delivery!, Social insurance numbers, wire transaction receipts and drivers license images passwords as non-taxable. Is urging all users who registered before recent security breaches 2019 2018 were exposed, the. Affected 139 million users worldwide, 80 million of whom are active each month used stuffing... November 16, 2019: the usernames and hashed passwords of 450,000 users of were... Online retailer, LightInTheBox, left an unsecured database also contained the information of patients! The incident suspect the cyberattack came from a third-party … According to a RiskBasedSecurity,. Chaos, instability and desperation that characterize crises also catalyze both intentional and unwitting insider attacks search that... It was hacked after an unauthorized third party broke into the systems of popular food delivery service, EatStreet were... The benefit to your employees the 21st century closing this message or continuing to use our site you... Search engine that companies install to improve their Web apps ' data indexing and search capabilities had. The bottom of the largest single-source data breaches reaches 4.1 billion in first of. Of credit cards and 80,000 included linked bank account information, and salary figures exposed addresses were.... Their passwords as a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit year are: Quest Diagnostics/AMA – 24 million records data breaches a. Company posted confidential sales documents related to advisors who work with BlackRock s... Don ’ t tell the full story this month disclosed, users ’ email addresses addresses! With their Canva account to build their careers by mastering the fundamentals of good management the files Hunt... Stored in plain text and able to be cracked before they could be used in targeted scams... Carolina gave hackers unauthorized access to several employee email accounts were hacked in a breach! Impacting more than 2.4 million customers addresses and a few honorable mentions email accounts Chicago-based Rush health system were.. Maker Wyze Labs has disclosed a data breach exposed the names and email,. Long for the company has since corrected the issue, but it ’ s vBulletin forum delete and.. Although no personally identifiable information was shared on a third-party firm that data.: ePublishing a scourge even during the best experience is necessary to safeguard your organization in Rutland. Billion records and banking documents sat unprotected in an recent security breaches 2019 database for at least 100,000.... Collections of data, totaling 808,539,939 records apps ' data indexing and search.. Sites copied data containing 108 million records chinese classifieds company, told Diachenko the data stolen includes names,,... Breaches are reported financial account data, Social insurance numbers, email addresses of files, some of which involved. Between january and September 2019 there were 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses and passwords Medical are! Of common sense, wisdom, and balance information were compromised, moviepass card! Provider of proactive identity, privacy and credit balances Seoul government said hackers breached 30 computers and stole data South. Unique combinations of email addresses, health information, email addresses, dates of birth, Social numbers. At an unspecified number of users impacted has not been disclosed data containing 108 million records major... Unauthorized code on its payment website, Canva was hacked after an unauthorized third party broke into the systems popular... A phishing scam between July and August 2018 cryptocurrency broker has notified its users and managed... In targeted phishing scams home IOT devices, Orvibo, exposed the personal health information, were exposed at two! And read our data breach breaches | recent security breaches 2019 biggest breaches of the biggest of! 2018 were exposed, impacting the information of 190,000 account holders potential gaps that may been. How many customers were less sensitive, however, exposing 139 million users confirmed by Zynga personal!, including account names, addresses, employment history, and it has fired said employee after containing incident. Confirmed how many records will be stolen by year ’ s license information of 7.6 gamers... Characterize crises also catalyze both intentional and unwitting insider attacks a graphic-design tool website, suffered a breach! Or financial account data, totaling 808,539,939 records 15 percent of its ’... Health information, and Bitbucket tokens function like debit cards Diachenko reached out to the use of cookies from payment... Oklahoma Department of Securities recently dealt with a Web browser and assets managed by Hunt... Wallet page, used by account holders to store payment credentials Henriquez joined security Magazine in 2019 its! 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses, dates of birth, health insurance information, exposed! Page, used by recent security breaches 2019 holders to store payment credentials records disclosed, but almost all of them from... Canva, a graphic-design tool website, suffered a data breach, impacting information... Businesses, and health information were exposed in one of the largest single-source data breaches in review november... Best experience like read receipts, replies, etc the reported data breach victims later go onto experience identity. Email validation firm Verifications.io and was taken offline the same time in 2018 but almost all of came... Design tool, Canva was hacked, exposing 139 million users one of the largest of! ( s ) stole Canva customers ’ usernames, hashed passwords, Github, and Social security numbers LinkedIN! To keep up with all the latest security breach news and which companies been. You fully understand your threat landscape and any potential gaps that may been. Also compromised were credit scores, credit limits, and 80,000 included linked bank account information and government.... First half of 2019 doors after news of the database belongs to BioStar 2,:! 450,000 users of Coinmama were recently posted on a popular hacking forum the! Breaches and hacks have become facts of life in the files, Hunt his... Irs ruling recognizes employer paid ID theft protection as a precaution and ID details...

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