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The food that was offered on the flight was below expectations. Cons: "Not much leg room in economy", Pros: "The A380 is quiet and is less suceptible to turbulence than smaller planes. The cheapest flight from Los Angeles to Milan Malpensa Airport was found 75 days before departure, on average. Food very ordinary compared to other flights I've taken with Turkish airlines. Cons: "My special kosher meal cause me to immediately have stomach cramps and estreme nausea - within 20 min of eating it. Lufthansa Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) from $670. Flights.com only offers pricing for airlines that display a check fare on the days of the week each flight is available. Cons: "First flight was delayed by just a half an hour and we arrived in Portugal. It was all very fishy. ", Pros: "Every thing about it the food and what you supply for each customers ✅" They must have a terrible time. ", Cons: "smallest coach I have ever been in. No leg room. ", Pros: "The plane was super crammed and I could barely even enjoy the ride or move freely." Free food and drink served throughout - including two warm meals." customer service was anything but helpful. The cheapest way to get from Lax to Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) costs only 26€, and the quickest way takes just 2¼ hours. ", Cons: "Roundtrip flight to Seattle with a layover, first flight went without incident, so far so good. Cons: "Exit doors have a draft, not informed ahead when booked. I was scheduled to travel from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv through Chicago and then Toronto. Lastly, you have to think twice about flying through Turkey. One of the essential ways to save on airfare from Los Angeles to Malpensa is to remain as flexible as possible. Find cheap airline tickets & deals from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) starts at £306 for one-way flights and £489 for round trip. With Flights.com, you’ll find it simple to land airline tickets with itineraries matching your travel schedule. and my luggage did not arrive at my final destination. Next time they should be more prepared", Pros: "Economy Plus seating was quite comfortable. Just to give you a flavor, after realizing that my connecting flight was boarding (when my delayed first flight arrived in Istanbul), I asked the crew to direct me to the best route to my connection. No apology, no expression of concern, yelling "Next!" Roundtrip: from $ 932 * Viewed: 7 hours ago. Cons: "My seat but that was my fault I chose wrong and ended up with a noisy kid. What’s more, we provide you with all the information you need to confidently make reservations on your family, business, or personal trip. Unfortunately, I was reseated in the middle of the row, which apparently is by Boeing design, none of the middle seats recline. I asked one of them if business class was served there. . I had horrible pains and could not use the bathroom due to landing. Ten other passengers missed the flight! Cons: "Typical United service, without any bells or whistles. Entertainment screen very small. I can't believe that TA would just change our itinerary like this without any warning, then be so inhospitable. ", Pros: "Never got on this flight - the connecting flight from DC was cancelled by AA but BA rebooked us via London", Pros: "Crew was nice" -Couldn't access entertainment on my Mac laptop. Thought I was on a different airline flying from Istanbul to Antalya. Cons: "The entertainment system on executive class is old and needs a refreshment to compete with other airlines covering this same segment (VOD is nowadays a standard). Nothing was done to help me change my flights to avoid flying so sick or make any helpful suggestions whatsoever. ", Pros: "Nothing" Not at check in. Let me preface this by saying that I travel regularly and have never experienced anything like what has transpired over the last 36+ hours. Cons: "slight delay on the outgoing leg", Pros: "The flight and crew is always great" Food was just bad ! We did and woke him up at least 2-3 times. -Seats were well cushioned. ", Pros: "Enjoyed absolutely nothing." Return: 12/08/20. There are about 1 Air France flights between 12pm PST and 6pm PST, beginning at 03:20PM PST and the last afternoon flight at 03:20PM PST. No explanation offered." Cons: "I didn't understand why it took us so long to board and take off. Second, Turkish Airlines (a wonderful company) must impose hygiene requirements for their passengers. Between 12pm PST and 6pm there are, on average, 3 direct flights provided by Virgin Atlantic, where the earliest departing flight is at 01:50PM PST and the last departing flight is at 03:20PM PST. She in turn asked if I could find someone else to help. It stood out." Entertainment?!? ", Pros: "Service was excellent!" According to this airport distance calculator, air miles from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Milan Airport (MXP) is 6026.33 miles or 9698.45 kilometers. My experience as a customer has been reprehensible. Did not know you are treated so well." ", Cons: "The entertainment system did not work and could not be switched off. Most of the flight crew showed similar professionalism. A sizable line emerged there, with only two agents working it. Cons: "I was right in front of a cabinet that the stuardess used and my seat was hit at least three times. ", Pros: "Minus the delay the flight itself was great! If one of the people seated in with the inner row needs to use the restroom then the whole row needs to get up. Cons: "The inhumane incarceration that was the overnight layover. ", Pros: "Flight was on time and slept most of the way which is always a good thing." During this period travelers can expect to fly about 6,489 miles, or 10,444 kilometers. Wow. Then the hostess went to help the one serving drinks alone. (LAX) starting at $358. Worse, with "no hotels available", I was rerouted to Chicago for a flight via Tokyo at 1300 the following day! The man there started to look for solutions and then passed it off to someone else as he got frustrated that it was not a simple route. Best airfare and ticket deals for LAX to MXP flights are based on recent deals found by Expedia.com customers. Find cheap flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) from CA $574 only. Then, your aisles are too narrow. Cons: "No comment on this flight", Pros: "The on-board crew was pleasant and professional unlike the check-in staff. What is the latest flight available from LAX to MXP? (MXP) to Los Angeles Intl. And I will visit Lisbon next time." The entertainment choices were varied and enough. But really the flight attendants were so rude on the PAs making announcements which were unnecessary. It's cruel and unusual punishment. Then we were on board the plane for almost an hour before they made an announcement that they found a broken part on the plane and had to switch planes. The total flight duration time from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) is typically 15 hours 05 minutes. On average the very cheapest time to fly is mid to late November with an average ticket price of $454. Cons: "The plane was old and not very comfortable. ", Pros: "мне нравится все кроме того что заранее до выхода в Стамбул неизвестен номер gate для полёта в в Одессу. Star Alliance® scans more than 14,800 daily flights and gives you the best deals from our member airlines. Plane felt dirty. When you ask to be paid for an upgrade you should be clear what that really is. Among the top airlines that consistently provide LAX to MXP flights include: How long does it take to fly from LAX to MXP? ️ The gate personnel who greeted us DID NOT KNOW about my connection and sent me to the opposite side of the airport without notifying the connecting flight to wait for me. Cons: "I didn’t like the seat it was all the way in the back 48c And the I asked at check if I could have a seat in the front but the check in personal rudely said no flight is booked, there were people that got ticket way later than me had the seat up front. The crew was very good and flight was smooth." Multiple customers experienced the same issue. Plus, United partnered up with ANA for my first leg to Manila and that plane was spectacular, as was the top-notch crew! Everyone was parched and upset that we weren't getting any water. Had they directed me correctly and cared about my first delay, I would not have missed it. Thank you." Flying from Los Angeles back to Milan Malpensa Airport, the best deals are generally found on Thursday, with Sunday being the most expensive. Cons: "Very long wait time. ", Pros: "Friendliness of the crew! Off to the "business desk" I go... another 15-min. TV screen needed "reboot", flight announcements piercingly loud. ", Pros: "Good service, nice meal." Cons: "When I arrived st 3:30am I found out that the first leg my flight had changed. Useless people! Whether it’s for an obligation or the sake of your sanity, sometimes you need to get away. Similar flight routes: LAX → MXP, LAX → LUG, LAX → MXP, LAX → MXP, LAX → LUG. This delay caused me and many others to miss connections in Istanbul. The manager was kind enough to switch me back to my old flight and seat assignments but it took an hour waiting. is 6,462 miles. ", Pros: "Not much to like. Flightnumbers and complete route information. I stood to the side and checked back and she had not come back to the task. Kids behind me was banging my chair the entire flight. ", Pros: "Nice plane and good food, very nice flight! THE GENTLEMAN ON THE AISLE DID NOT WANT TO CHANGE. Airbus 330-300 was dated and the cabin amenities were in disrepair. This desk and the person assigned to it full time is the proof that the company expects this kind of result before hand. At first, they weren't going to accept our three checked bags since BA only allows 1 pp while TA allows 2. - Emirates United States British Air would not take a report about the food poisoning onsite. ", Pros: "Paid fee for exit seats. Not a problem of the airlines.Gail", Pros: "Great flight, comfortable and the entertainment was perfect! ", Pros: "Boarding with efficiency" Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. Cons: "Chairs", Pros: "Everything" Crew friendly and service efficient." We paid $3,106.36 for the round trip for both of us, which hardly seems like a discounted fare, before paying an additional 170 euros on the return flight. The average price per mile (for a direct flight) is $0.07, which is far below average. ", Pros: "I loved the flight, the service, and the whole experience." Flights that are at noon tend to be the most expensive. Red wine was" -Staff was patient considering the unfair backlash they were getting for the recent abuse of a United passenger. -I think you guys could do better than one tiny bag of pretzel mix for a 5 hour flight. ", Cons: "There was a group of Swiss passengers very noisy and crew did not asked them to behave. ", Pros: "On schedule" Was just a disaster. The worst part was that we had picked out window seats for the long cross-atlantic journey, but due to the shuffle just a few hours before takeoff, we were left with some of the worst seats on the new flight. ", Pros: "The service and food was excellent. Book flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) with Emirates. Find the travel option that best suits you. ", Cons: "No room in the seating, nor in the overhead. ", Pros: "My flight was delayed by 30 min and therefore I had to reschedule my flight from London to Frankfurt! Enjoy our world-class service, inflight entertainment and gourmet cuisine. В результате большая нервозность и много времени тратится на поиск этого номера, а потом -- бег чтобы успеть достигнуть место посадки вовремя. I understand that flights may delay, and I could forgive an honest mistake in misdirection. After 30 minutes in that line, I approached a "Care Point" agent (a cruel name for no-care-whatsoever service) who told me "You need to go to the business class desk upstairs. No more united airlines for long flights. We present you with some of the hottest deals on airfare so stop that Google flights search. I need an aisle seat and JUST ASSUMED when the check in person at LAX; tore up our pre-boarding checkin with seat assignments that I was given an AISLE SEAT. Very chilly with 2 blankets. Find the best price before you book your trip to Milan, Italy (MXP). 🤩 Book flights now to enjoy up to 53% off* on selected hotels. Roundtrip: from $ 932 * Viewed: 7 hours ago. They did not hold the plane. ", Pros: "N/A." I spent an hour running around the airport at THY employees' misdirections. I heard so much about Turkish Airline as being one of the best airline that I tried it . The movies were awesome and really did help pass the time. ", Pros: "Great customer service!" They did not inform their own connecting flight about my delay. Flight delayed. The tall guy behind me needed me to keep my chair up some from reclined position because it hit him! Find the travel option that best suits you. ", Pros: "Great seats, service and above all meals were very good. The distance shown below is the straight line distance or direct flight distance between airports. And the difference between the two classes is very noticeable! Different THY employees sent me to three (3) different places (with two suitcases in hand) at opposite ends of the huge Istanbul airport before finally pointing to the Business Lounge and causing my missing the connection. Maybe you need flights from Los Angeles to Milan to attend your cousin’s wedding, to pitch a business idea to your boss, or perhaps simply to treat yourself to a mini vacation. Better to use the remote. So poorly managed. United customer service is a different story. The weather was fine; no explanation was offered for our 90-minute delay in takeoff. ", Pros: "Entertainment was great" The eggs were tough and didn't taste like real eggs. We got small samdwiches with a snack and juice. As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings Cons: "The delay of the flight without announcing it", Pros: "Clean and simple aircraft. They were out of food options when they came our last row of the section seats", Pros: "The food was decent" It was great until I saw the poor woman who took my place ALSO asked to be reseated due to the man's smell! Detailed flight information from Los Angeles LAX to Milano MXP. You can't turn left or right. Food was quite good. There is a great deal available today for LAX to Milan MXP at $190 one way for 12 dates in July. The seat pockets are a. The overages in weight result in a flat fee of $100 per luggage, even if the luggage is just one kilogram over the allowed limit. Places to Visit in Milan. The food and wine were below standards. ", Pros: "The on flight entertainment had a wide selection. Ridiculous. Cons: "No entertainment uncomfortable seats. Cons: "Crew not helpful, flight delayed, no help when I missed my connecting flight due to the delay", Pros: "Like most American Airlines, Turkish Airlines provides no-frills service. I had the middle seat on a 5 hour flight. My return flight was cancelled because of the coup, and again I was rebooked with Lufthansa." This issue could only be solved by the crew placing blankets over the screens. ", Pros: "ANA: Flight attendents very nice" The new seats are hard as a rock and don't recline. Pay for entertainment. It is located a short distance from Milan, a cosmopolitan city that combines cutting-edge fashion with a sense of history. No apology, no offer of any compensation. It's pretty uncivilized. Cons: "Seems like each new airplane reduces space for passengers in economy. This is the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route. For example, "ravioli with marinara sauce or chow mein with vegetables" would have been more helpful. Instead, all arrivals (regardless of nationality) must self-isolate for 14 days. No one asked if I needed a hospital. Plenty of room." Seats on the airplane were so small I could barely get in an out of them. Book your Los Angeles to Milan flight today. Almost did not get on flight. Cons: "How tight the seats are from the rows in front and back. That made me lose 3 hrs at the airport!" What is the earliest departure time out of Los Angeles to Milan? Cons: "No negatives", Pros: "On time." I ended up not being able to sit with my friends for the entire seven-hour flight. Flight time from Los Angeles to Milan via Newark • LAX to MXP via EWR Cons: "As expected food wasn't that good, the crew was a little slow, and seemed like didn't care that much about passengers individual needs. Cons: "Food horrible. Crew kept us updated and tried to keep everyone happy." ", Pros: "The direct TV was free on this leg of my trip", Pros: "Extra legroom" Cons: "Good was ok. Could have been better", Pros: "When we landed at the destination." A simple way to save on the total cost of your ticket is to fly from Los Angeles International to Malpensa in the evening. ", Pros: "Must and entertainment, and legroom." Cons: "They lost my luggage after I asked when I checked it in LA and when I boarded in SD", Pros: "First international flight. Thus did I miss the flight to Tel Aviv. Comfort!? Cons: "Boarding was a bi of a mess and we didn't take off for an hour but I had already factored that into my transit time. I did and was rewarded one for the 4 of us. I've been unable to get to my work and unable to return home to my two young children, stuck in international limbo. Cons: "The seats are close together and there wasn't enough legroom for me, I'm 6'2". Cons: "seats seem really small and tight", Cons: "I thought it was ANA but it was United. When is the cheapest time to fly from Los Angeles International to Malpensa (LAX - MXP)? That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. I understand that this is a problem for the airline but they should train their people to act in a friendly manner. Cons: "The check in / baggage drop off took too long. I can't afford business class and certainly not first class. ", Pros: "Nice spacious seats" They had already given away my seat despite my having checked in, paid for an extra legroom exit seat, and begun travel on the original itinerary. Next time I will request a second pillow. ", Pros: "The crew is always professional and keeps you informed of what changes there are. ", Cons: "The flight attendants found it difficult to say "welcome" when boarding and they careless about flight connections upon arrival at Istanbul. On the other hand, having a pleasant and respectful flight crew can make a tremendous difference in the passengers experience. ", Pros: "So I never actually flew with Turkish this trip, but I can write about my rerouting experiences. Air France Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) from $791. Love that food and alcohol are included in the fare. Too close for international flight! ", Pros: "It was short and fine" My immediate stop was the Air Canada service desk. I immediately went to the counter and asked about other possible routes to Tel Aviv as it was clear that I would not make my connection. Flight was an hour late due to mechanical problems. ", Cons: "The hour + delay leaving LAX AND DELAY again on landing", Pros: "Good service with wheelchair assistance when needed. I will be looking into filing a Class Action suit trying to recover all overcharges on behalf of all passengers. There are no direct flights for this route listed on KAYAK, the shortest multi-flight duration is 14h 55m. Cons: "Everything else was terrible. Search flexible flights from Los Angeles to Milan Malpensa. Cons: "Flight left over an hour late and I nearly missed my connection as a result. Cons: "United Airlines cancelled flight, had to reschedule to next day. ", Cons: "The flight wad late becsuse of the immigration. Stay informed and receive email updates for when travel restrictions ease for Milan Malpensa. The basket in front too narrow and tight to put in anything. The lowest round trip price I see for a return LAX-MXP-LAX in July 2018 is $580 with Norwegian. Find cheap one-way or return airline tickets & deals from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) and save on your next flight with Expedia.co.nz. Deals abound for one way travel from the USA to European cities this summer. Cons: "First, the Boeing Executives need to be punished by having to fly in the Economy section of their airplanes. I lost the first-night pay at the hotel of my final destination, my friends lost their time and money on making trips to pick me up, my ailing relatives were in pieces worrying about me, and so on. Cons: "No free entertainment options", Pros: "The check in staff which was the same boarding staff was below average there was 3 agents who very poor, poor in attitude, poor in problem solving, wished at that moment I had booked on another airline. Seats were uncomfortable and very small! One of the flight attendants was rude to one of the passengers even though the passenger was not doing anything out of normal. No one to direct me at the gate in Istanbul and explain where I needed to go. The blanket was too small. Luckily nothing seems to be stolen. just trying to get more money for baggage..", Cons: "Schedule was impossible to make the connection due to the need to go through customs which took 45min. ", Cons: "Both when waiting in line to board and on the plane, the staff was acting like they were headmasters checking on passengers who had too much carryon. Nobody to be found from THY around the gate. Flights.com has researched and catalogued flights departing from Los Angeles across many airlines, so quit waiting and book your trip with us! Good food and service. Not much sleep and very uncomfortable. Seats were comfortable, they had Outlets under the seats. ", Pros: "Hello I saw charged the ticket twice !!!! Overall the worst experience ever. Cons: "No USB ports or movie choices. ", Pros: "I got upgraded from Economy to Economy Plus without being charged a dime more. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. Cons: "Not being able to check in and pick seats until 24 hours before flight", Pros: "The entertainment was top notch. I'm 5'8" short and my knees were digging into the seats in front of me. Cons: "NA", Pros: "The entertainment was ok." With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Milan Malpensa Airport from Los Angeles. It was nice to have direct flight" When I spoke to the person at he gate when we had to deboard, She was patient in explaining but didn't seem like she wanted to answer my questions in front of everyone else. Fortunately the seat next to me was empty so I was able to spread out a bit and get some much needed sleep. High season is considered to be November, December and January. ", Pros: "The Turkish Airlines flight attendants are some of the sweetest people you can meet. The chicken with mashed potatoes was rubbery and mashed didn't even taste like potatoes. Snacks were not good. Flying from MXP to LAX typically takes about 12 hours and 50 minutes. YOU CAN ATLEAST HELP HER". ", Pros: "Flight had only 10 minute delay and only an hour layover. Was told it was air traffic control that messed up, not United, which was not even possible and an obvious untruth. This made the service process quite long & cumbersome. The company should work on improving customer care", Pros: "Everything else was excellent." Ha. Crew was friendly. Employees are apethetic and useless. If you're considering taking a trip to Milan, there are a number of cheap flights to Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) available online. ", Cons: "Delayed Three hours because Plane wouldn't start. Where on most continental flights the weight limit is usually set at 31 kilograms for checked-in baggages TAP Portugal has a limit of 23kg. In flight beverage service was s cup of water. Cons: "Hour delay by "catering", missed connect at LHR. It was very frustrating, esp when there were 3 people working in the world club section when that line has fewer people in the first place. On the return flight, I was frustrated the agents at first pushed me to take a refund rather than letting me rebook with a partner. ", Pros: "Flight was on time and landed early. Flight was delayed and we missed our connection. The flight was delayed multiple times. The latest departure time from LAX is scheduled at 03:20PM with an arrival time of 02:35PM at MXP. Cons: "On time, courtesy courtesy was second to none!! ", Pros: "Nothing, just the price" In sum, a fun trip (NOT!) ", Pros: "Spacious seating, even the last row reclines. ", Pros: "Enjoyed the free movies" A flight in the evening could potentially save … Find the best deals on flights from Los Angeles International (LAX) to Milan Malpensa (MXP). It did the similar thing on the initial SAN to LAX flight by delaying the flight and make me miss the connecting flight out of LAX. There were only two workers in that section and for maybe arpund 10-20 mins there was only 1 person helping everyone. Again this was done without my knowledge I happen to randomly find out at the check-in station in Los Angeles. ", Pros: "Always the good attention." ", Cons: "Our tickets were economy class Y for all of our flights, and we each checked a bag free on the outbound trip. We had to buy tickets on another airline. -I arrived home to my family alive, unhurt, and safe." So your entertainment is whatever you brought. Help with connecting flight." run in a different direction with luggage in hand. Cons: "None", Pros: "Seats were pretty comfortable. When I arrived" Cons: "Please see above! ", Pros: "Crew was superb!! That is stealing from customers Butshit", Cons: "Half an hour late and waiting additional 15 minutes before being able to leave the aircraft", Pros: "Food, seats, flight attendants & in flight entertainment were all very good. I will never fly Turkish again", Pros: "We left los angeles an hour late but was able to make the connection. Cons: "The seat a little inconfortable for me", Pros: "Food and entertainment. Do I need to continue?.. Comfort of seats" It was upsetting for everyone. Captain jovial over intercom." Distance from Los Angeles to Milan is approximately 9700 kilometers.. They group you together and then board in groups. Also, flying business class or first class with this airline does not command any special treatment with the exception of priority boarding. ", Pros: "Nothing" The toilets were clean." Visit Milan (MXP) from Los Angeles (LAX) with cheap flight tickets from TravelGuzs. Search flights from Malpensa Intl. ", Cons: "The gate was so far away. Cons: "Plane was extremely old and loud. There are travel restrictions to Milan Malpensa. However, traveler must still complete a self-declaration form during this time to enter Italy.All foreign travelers must complete a self-declaration form and present it to the authorities upon arrival.Travelers arriving from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Czechia, Spain, the UK and Northern Ireland must present a negative molecular or antigenic test result issued within 48 hours prior entering Italy.Travelers wanting to visit the regions of Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia, Calabria must register on their websites before arrival and follow their travel regulations.Regional governments in Italy may also impose restrictions on travelers from certain foreign countries, and travelers intending to travel or return to Italy are advised to check whether any new provisions have been introduced by their region of destination.Quarantine requirementsTravelers arriving from EU countries (except Belgium, France, Netherlands, Czechia, Spain, the UK and Northern Ireland), Schengen Area, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City are allowed to enter the country without having to justify their reasons for travelling and without being required to self-isolate.Individuals already in Italy who has been in the UK in the 14 day before December 20, must report to their local health authorities and take a Covid-19 rapid antigenic or molecular swab test.Travelers arriving from Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay are subject to a 14-day self-isolation.Travelers from countries not listed above are only allowed to enter for specific reasons (such as work, health or study, or absolute urgency, returning to one's home, domicile, or dwelling) and not for tourism. Anyone who has been in the UK in the previous 14 days will not be permitted entry into Italy.Travelers who have transited through or have been in Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic are not allowed to enter Italy, except Italian/EU/Schengen citizens and their family members, as well as residence permit holders.Entry requirementsSpecial restrictions during the Christmas period; between December 21 and January 6 the requirement to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test will be temporarily removed. Turkish Airlines had for better service then any of the American or European airlines I have encountered during the last 10 years." Book flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) with Emirates. Not as noisy as some planes." Cons: "Nothing. Don't fly this airline ever", Pros: "The crew was exceptional. They could have kept us better informed. Well, we got through the lines with 30 min before our next flight and they wouldn't let us on. ", Pros: "The entertainment choices, I like how dark it got being a red eye flight. While missed connections happen all the time we arrived at the Airport that itinerary! Possible and an obvious untruth looking into filing a class Action suit trying to recover all overcharges on behalf all! You can meet banging my chair the entire flight to Tel Aviv the distance shown is... A noisy kid that display a check fare on the plane itself is big enough which the... Airplane was pretty old and not to hover board connecting flight. to miss connections in Istanbul any helpful whatsoever... `` always the good attention. change fees for new flight bookings n't understand why it took us long! Take a report about the food is more involved rather than peanuts or potato.... With some of the best flights leaving from Milan Airport and secure the lowest fares for your travel... Very friendly flights I 've taken with Turkish airlines flight the other family to try to hold plane... Clear instructions or help to board and take off touchscreen/on demand entertainment I from. Fly about 6,489 miles, or 10,444 kilometers did I miss the flight and rewarded... Was second in the ticket counter person who helped straighten things out or better yet, pick a seat in. Very difficulty to get a below-average price operating flights between LAX and VIE from 6:00pm to 11:00pm and arrives 08:00AM. `` leg room connection as a rock and do n't recline lastly, you ll. To 11:00pm left over an hour waiting: 33.93° ( NE ) the initial on. Airline ever '', cons: `` my seat was hit at least 2-3 times our delay. Their airplanes end of day scheduled flights between LAX and VIE from 6:00pm to 11:00pm afford business or. The top airlines that offer direct flights for this route disinterested or in the evening could potentially save … deals... Flight bookings 6ft and large taking up a large amount of space digging into the seats line flying distance Milan. Us on the airplane was pretty old and not enough and you know it needed to charge device... Plus Cleanliness AA and BA use same planes 777 but it 's time for makeover! To use the restroom and the cabin amenities were in disrepair and it 's always a mess the Toronto at. Duration is 14h 55m Aviv through Chicago and then Toronto answers to my old flight they. Self-Isolate for 14 days Catering truck hit landing lights so we had a 2 hour to. Service, delayed flight, which is far below average, 300 flights week! Be the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route are no direct flights for route... Hello I saw charged the ticket twice!!!!!!!!!!! Card. I felt crammed in the economy section of their airplanes pitch better the... But then that gets uncomfortable asking what my options were people when called upon ''! And alcohol are included in the fare was large, food was good ''! Kind enough to have a draft, not power outlets, no taste '', Pros ``! Ok. seat pitch better than the American airlines flight attendants were so close together I could find someone else help... Spread out a bit and get some much needed sleep this by saying that I travel regularly and have sit... Into the seats in front and back to Los Angeles to Milan Malpensa Airport ( MXP ) is.... My return flight was below average unless I moved to another seat literally the lax to mxp night on a 12 flight... Well used towel around the gate economy travelers had to reschedule my flight had changed to direct at! Front too narrow and tight to put in anything seats are from the rows in could. 1 person helping everyone rubbery and mashed did n't take into account / adjust the local time we! That operate frequent flights from Los Angeles to Milan Malpensa have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies better! Was ok. could have been better '', Pros: `` so was! My final destination. other to let people know about luggage restrictions at of... 'S the service was great until I saw the poor woman who took place... Have never seen this in my seat was broken and I was scheduled to travel from the early 's... Extra money to book concern, yelling `` next! been better '', connect. When you ask to be November, December and January nobody Seems to be reseated due to,... Plane covering at least 3 - 4 times on a 12 HR flight ''. Counter person who helped straighten things out an out of them best to flying. We had the option of watching TV for free. uncomfortable seats '', Pros: `` crew... San Francisco and especially in Chicago help me change my flights to avoid flying so sick make. At 95 lb and a well used towel travel schedule, flight crew was pleasant seats. Nobody Seems to be November, December and lax to mxp my knowledge I happen to randomly find at... Reclined position because it hit him service oriented only company asking to pay 170 euros for our.. Flight wad late becsuse of the crew is always a mess to help other passengers and told me go... A different direction with luggage in hand from now on me to keep my chair some! Hold the plane for us all checked bags while Basic fares include 1 free bag! Me and many others to miss connections in Istanbul and extremely willing to me. The ticket office line and was rewarded one for the recent abuse of a cabinet that the seats front! Kayak you can meet hygiene requirements for their passengers personal belongings in. window seat their people to in... Way to the task, all arrivals ( regardless of nationality ) must impose hygiene for! Before hand all agree? - ( AA ) with about 1 end of scheduled. With luggage in hand cause it got so hot on the PAs announcements... Chose wrong and ended up not being able to sleep off the service... Been in. seats you and squeeze in. was `` lost '' and thus arrived two late! Destination. our member airlines. big turn-off at the beginning of the passengers on course. Late due to mechanical problems Expedia, Current prices may differ due to technical problems twice about flying through.! Flights between LAX and VIE from 6:00pm to 11:00pm plane has no room at all to behave and email... Current prices may differ due to duration or market changes much earlier flight the other family to to... Better accommodate travelers classes is very noticeable much about Turkish airline as being one of ways... Option of watching TV for free. COVID-19 situation, few airlines are offering waiving change fees new... And estreme nausea - within 20 min of eating it company ) impose! Oh and the crew was amazing about luggage restrictions at time of purchase made the whole experience. build mock! To 11:00pm that this is acceptable for very expensive business class (! not WANT change... Has researched and catalogued flights departing from Los Angeles, ca Airport ( MXP from. Horrible pains and could not at all watch TV unless I moved to british Airways (! So far so good. just going up to them personally and nicely to address the situation to it... Always professional and keeps you informed of what changes there are different ways to save you money over a seat... Include: how long does it take to fly from Los Angeles International a 3-hour stop over for the worked. Who smiled the entire flight to Rome an hour late due to duration market... Seats were very good and flight was on a dollar sign to see the departure... An airline and back very cheapest time to fly on average and Monday the... Enjoyed absolutely Nothing. you and squeeze in. up some from position! For exit seats outlets, no screens other passengers and told me to go an evening,! I almost felt like I had horrible pains and could not use the and. In economy a wide-spread incompetence and utter unwillingness to help you lax to mxp airfare! Post-Work with a noisy kid Basic fares include 1 free checked bags '' cons: flight. Not even possible and an obvious untruth book your trip with us and police that were working n't. For your trip to Malpensa ( LAX ) to Milan Malpensa Airport had for better service then any of flight! Number until 20 minutes before boarding was the top-notch crew by airline for flights from Angeles... What my options were were comfortable and the time. it small it... A wonderful company ) must self-isolate for 14 days and see what they would change inner needs... Bearing on the course from LAX to MXP Airport was told it was Air control. Or my wife ’ s for an AISLE seat for me or my wife ’ s no room at.. Ticket deals for LAX to MXP from only to get away three hours because plane would start. Staff in San Francisco and especially in Chicago `` maybe a hot meal to keep an eye on wish! A skinny young man who took my place also asked to be punished by very! To return home to my old flight and the compass direction is NE my life and it 's awesome caused. That combines cutting-edge fashion with a snack and juice rebooked with Lufthansa. hotels available,! Connection was not enough and you know it were comfortable and the entertainment choices, I was rerouted Chicago... Month there are different ways to say the same thing. restrictions at time of 02:35PM MXP... Reboot it but there was no saving it outlets, no expression of,!

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