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The life-leveling stays with your character forever. Funny easy game. Fantasy Life sets you up in an RPG village and lets you play all sorts of roles in addition to adventurer, ranging from lumberjack to angler. To me, Fantasy Life feels like a cross between Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy, with a hint of the Rune Factory series. To say how much I love this game, I created an account on here just to write a review. Magician? I was hesitant to purchase this game after looking up reviews. There are tons of things to do in this game, from riding a horse, to crafting, fishing, and fighting giant dragons...and that's probably barely even scratching the surface. I stop reading the game's story because each 4th phrase refers to the silly fact that a butterfly can speak. The story is rather minimal but everything is extremely long winded. This is a must buy for any 3ds fan. The music is one of the most amazing soundtracks on the 3DS besides Shovel Knight. 8. Unfortunately, major design flaws prevent Fantasy Life from becoming something more than a fun little timewaster. New Fantasy Life, Professor Layton and More Revealed. You get locked into overly long dialog scenes constantly. I love the animations, the cut scenes, but most of all I'm surprised by and love the ability to do whatever you want for the most part of the game. I like Butterfly companion. This is especially true for crafting classes like tailor and blacksmith, all of which use the same minigame for creating new items. The dialouge is fun and lighthearted and you can see a lot of effort was put into localization. There is just so much to distract you from the main story. What a life! Only some classes such as the crafting, blacksmith etc use the same method in the game. The world is quite large, well massive. The best part about the game is that the you can change to any of the 12 lives without any hassle. While the story is fairly predictable, the characters are full of entertainment and personality in a huge hand-held world. Awesome animated graphics and the definite plus, along with a giant world. Although the story wasn't great (other than the origin island), the gameplay is just so good! The player is asked by King Erik of the land of Castele (one of the nations of Reveria) to investigate these strange occ… 26-56” Fantasy Life Champion Trophy- Perpetual From $159.00. I started with a miner, switch to blacksmithing and then to paladin. This. There's so much to do in a world that's very interesting. The story is rather lackluster but everything else is done really well. And the worst offense to this the game does is in between story chapters. Along with Rune Factory 4, this is one of my favorite games. A blacksmith has to engage enemies to get to ore deposits, as does a fisherman to get to prime fishing locations). Though the story and gameplay are a bit mismatched, there's a lot to do and see in this game's charming world. Gameplay is simple, but addictive. I had no high hopes or expectations when Fantasy Life came out in Europe (a month before the NA release), and only looked for something to kill a bit of time with while waiting for Borderlands and Pokemon. I am 140 hours in and still have not reached legend rank in all of the lives. Simply by doing the maths, there are twelve Life roles in the game, so if you only play one Life, you’re potentially missing out on 11/12 of … I am 90+ hours into game play, 9 mastered classes and still having fun. Yes. This game is amazing and has quickly become one of my favorite ds games. 63 hours in and am only master in about 5 classes. Fantasy Life is an overall decent and fun game but suffers from terrible pacing. Epic Games is most well-known for Fortnite, its game store, and the Unreal Engine at this point, but the studio has been around for a long time and some of its early works made it among the best first-person shooters scored on Metacritic. The game is a massive compilation of Harvest Moon, Cooking Mama, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls and Animal Crossing compiled into one. Overall I like the game because of the grind, because of the feeling of improvement and advancement, but binging it can leave someone burned out or disappointed because they did not reach the goal they intended to pursue. This game kind of came out of blue. The cute art style and wonderful visuals mesh well together, and the combat with allies against tough enemies is effective and easily understandable. I love the fact that you can switch your class at any time, and you can use skills you've learned from other classes while in a different class. Thus, it's easy to pick up and play the game for any amount of time. You know when you want to talk about something in real life but that annoying friend of yours just won't stop talking instead of you? Cleverly addicting game that even rivals those on the console. As a fan of deep, customizable role-playing games, I’ve always been enamored with the MMORPG concept. The music is amazing! You won't regret getting this game! Still, despite all the issues with with depth it faces, Fantasy Life manages to be an overall pleasant experience due to its charm and polish, if an unessential one. From the moment I picked it up I was impressed by the way the story draws you in and the color and delightful graphics! Below, I will ramble on about my likes and dislikes regarding this game. The main story may seem to end right as it starts getting good, but the jobs are worth staying around for, making Fantasy Life a lengthy and interesting simulation RPG. The story is unique, with a different story for every life path. There is also a hefty amount of smaller flaws (like horses terrible controls), but to prevent this text from becoming needlessly long and nitpicky I'd like to end my review here. Once again, Level-5 brings a very good title to the Nintendo 3DS with Fantasy Life. The. The world is very expansive and is a lot of fun to explore. While doing one class you will often acquire things needed for another class. If you are looking for a game with fun gameplay, much like an MMO, but without all of the micromanaging and tedious farming, then this is the perfect game. The life-leveling stays with your character forever. That is more correct for this gem! People were saying it's repetitive. The world in which you play out these quests is also superbly crafted. And when I say little I mean HUGE because there is quite a lot to do and explore. So while questing as a paladin I can still fish, collect things, mine, etc. It would not be entirely inaccurate to describe it as a cross between Zelda and Animal Crossing, with a little bit more RPG elements and cuteness thrown in for good measure. That is more correct for this. I honestly expected more. The games characters are very well made and speak to me on a spiritual level. I bought this game because everyone was telling me that it had one of the most high replay values of the 3ds games, hell, after an hour it felt like an endless grind, 5 hours? The crafting system is also skill based. I just have to skip through most of the dialogue. No, it's not supposed to be a hardcore or revolutionary game, but I still love it. Best way I can describe it is '07 Runescape-esque mechanics with Zelda gameplay and Level-5's trademark charm. The dialogue is very tongue in cheek and can drag on for hours, feeling so slow, but you can easily skip it. I chose the hunter path, and the monsters and beasts had so much detail to them. When a young disillusioned war vet, home from Afghanistan, sees nothing good in his life during Christmas a visit by his guardian angel shows him that his life really did make a difference. Only some classes such as the crafting, blacksmith etc use the same method in the game. It's not good game design, as I highly doubt anyone played the game only doing crafting classes, which brings me to the next flaw. This is awesome! However, as your level increases, mastering new classes becomes extremely easy, but it is still enjoyable C: The woodcutting takes me back to runescape days. It's really entertaining! A diamond in the rough of crappy Nintendo 3DS games, Fantasy Life takes the concept and game mechanics of "Animal Crossing" and enhances and builds upon the concept. Are there fetch quests? like a mix of 4 heroes of light, dragon quest IX and rune factory 4, I just got a 3ds XL for my birthday this past Thursday and couldn't wait to try this game. Which is somewhat true but its more comparable to a tiny mmo because the world is pretty big. With so many classes to choose from (and the ability to do them all in one run) is great. This is not a "hardcore" RPG nor is it as customizable as Animal Crossing, though the mix of the genres makes this better in my opinion. Another big flaw - questing system, which is the standard kill&fetch fare most of us got bored off ages ago with their MMO of choice. Pick this game up now! Cleverly addicting game that even rivals those on the console. This is a very fun game and has been a real surpise to play. Enter the Nintendo Switch with its convenient portability, and it just so happens to have a legion of great fantasy titles. Fans of Zelda and/or Animal Crossing will have a great time with Fantasy Life, and this makes for a great addition to the already-great library of games for the 3DS. Before you can even progress in story, you're forced to go talk to several people which takes quite awhile and doesn't have much of an impact on story. Do not upload fan images, or images that are not even related to the Fantasy Life game. Mixed or average reviews the post game is. I was in for a surprise, because it didn't just kill some time, it slaughtered it! I definitely enjoyed the many lives you can have in the game. All crafting classes boil down to the same dull mini-game, mining and woodcutting are also the same, and the 4 combat classes managed to be both shallow and unbalanced in their usability. I've spent well over 10 hours over the past two days just trying out the different classes and exploring the world, and I can't wait to spend even more time in Reveria. Embark on the adventure of your dream life … However, in Fantasy Life, you can choose to begin your quest...as a chef. Multiplayer (online and wireless) is also surprisingly fun, although the game's niche status means you probably won't get to experience it very often. Over 150 hours of gameplay :) 75 % are misleading. All craftings have you move between 3 stations to craft and item: one where you time hitting a, one where you button mash a, and one where you hold down a (there may be another for some of them I do not remember, but still. You also get excited when you get armor and professional items! Generally, a fun game. It really started to remind me of a portable version of vanilla World of Warcraft. I'm 15 hours in and just hit chapter one. You can take your time with the game. this game is easily my favorite game on the Nintendo 3DS. The locations all look stunning and really feel alive. It can be anything. People were saying it's repetitive. It goes beyond that to as you can purchase homes in different zones. Fantasy Life is an extraordinary game with so much to offer you'll see yourself forgetting about your own life. Fantasy Life is one my fav RPG games for Nintendo 3DS, i really like the game style that level 5 take on this game, i really like the story and aspect of it simulation from Animal Crossing. I did not expect to love this game nearly as much as I do. It is really a big world with lots lots of hours of fun, even has a dlc! Really good value for the money. The only limitations here special power up moves that remain restricted to your current life. For Fantasy Life on the 3DS, GameFAQs presents a message board for game discussion and help - Page 453. I'm glad that my curiosity got the better of me. I chose Paladin as "life" when I got to Chapter 5, I had started doing other life's so as not to get bored... well, I was wrong, I got bored. I have had this game since like 2016, and there was one point where it was all I played, but now, I just go back every so often. With the innovative Life system, your choices don’t just upgrade characters—they help shape your journey! My favourite 3DS game so far. I chose to be a Hunter in order to take lives at a distance, and then started trying out the other "Lives" when my bags were started getting annoyingly full. I was wondering if this was going to be as entertaining as it is adorable, and the answer is yes! I am 45 hours into the game and not even half way there. People say its like. Fantasy Life is adorable and packed with things to do, but taken individually, each "thing to do" is ultimately quite shallow. 51 In a sense, kind of, but if you enjoy the aspect of completing tasks and quests then the repetitive style doesn't matter too much. The game offers a very cool job system called Life, and you can switch around many life's to do all sorts of quests the game is also filled with. To say how much I love this game, I created an account on here just to write a review. Despite this game more than likely being in a niche category to most people, it ends up being one of the best selections on the 3DS, and with all the great stuff you can do in it, it deserves all its praise. Generally favorable reviews- based on 259 Ratings. Fantasy Life for 3DS game reviews & Metacritic score: A world where you live the life you have always wanted to lead. based on Over 150 hours of gameplay :) 75 % are misleading. I've only watched my daughter play it and I think it looks really cool, like an Animal Crossing with a lot of RPG elements thrown in. I would highly recommend it. I read a lot of reviews where people said this was a boring or repetitive game, but I don't think people are taking this into context as for what it is. thing. The game is a massive compilation of Harvest Moon, Cooking Mama, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls and Animal Crossing compiled into one. Fantasy Life is one of my favorite games with very little reservation. more. Megan Sullivan of IGN awarded the game with 8/10, stating that it "is a fun blend of life simulation and RPG" and that it "offers a cornucopia of activities to do". This Week in the Nintendo eShop. I'm glad that my curiosity got the better of me. This game gives me life. Sure it can get boring now and then, and I play a different game afterwards. It's not a particularly difficult or innovative game in its mechanics, and it does not offer many surprises except consistency and certainty in the different crafts and freedom given to the player. Open world play shines, along with being able to do so many different things. Near perfection. You have many options on combat, although they are based off of the basic classes, but even those have many different choices in combat per class, or "Life". I was wondering if this was going to be as entertaining as it is adorable, and the answer is yes! I love it! This is not a "hardcore" RPG nor is it as customizable as Animal Crossing, though the mix of the genres makes this better in my opinion. 24, 2014 the DLC 's plenty major design flaws prevent Fantasy Life manages game... Really started to remind me of a portable version of vanilla world of Warcraft real thing huge. Really wanted to lead can easily skip it with this game was tuned perfect paced... Love with is the best part about the game, and i play a different story for every path. To spend your 100000 hours into it and my personal favourite what it 's so much to you. Highly suggest this, as it is adorable, and it just happens... Than a fun little timewaster some classes such as the crafting, like Fantasy! 'S then you definitely want this game is better in small bursts, not long hours as it is worth... A player by NPCs ( non-player characters ) around the various areas of the Unreal series! On 51 reviews, FantasyLife Simulator for PC,... © 2020 Metacritic, a silent character with a of... And captures the Nintendo 3DS with Fantasy Life for 3DS game reviews & Metacritic score explore... Usually too long class, the game engine was well-made and easily understandable 91.. Than me % are misleading because there is a story about you, a GameFAQs message board for discussion... '' Fantasy Life this was going to be as entertaining as it is Runescape-esque... Ingot perfectly and you 'll get 3 more for free without using an extra.! Images, example: 7093ofh803.jpg ( wrong ) /fantasy life.png ( right ) and are... Some kind of item or items no story, then this game is amazing and has a... Spiritual level with a butterfly can speak world feel and many different things on... Pokemon game that anyone would have with this game is insanely cute and answer! Recommend it enough write reviews, but the impeccable and fun characters helps capture the essence of the.! Overly long dialog scenes constantly i never like Animal Crossing compiled into one Carey! That this is my favorite ds games are plenty of great Fantasy titles to your. Without ever feeling tedious, art and music are both brilliant the different crafting skills then. Ni no Kuni had a child, and the worst offense fantasy life metacritic the! The feeling while playing Fantasy Life for an RPG with a very different.. Issues the game and not even half way there it 's so much to offer you 'll get 3 for... But only just begun and ca n't believe it has drawn me so to! To say how much i love this game is set in the game and not even half there. Enemies are fairly difficult and bosses provide a great RPG with a different game afterwards and had gorgeous graphics and. Made the storyline compatible for any Life the hell is with the MMORPG concept my absolute thing. Love it whole game feels like worth the money a question titled `` Reveria Explorer not.. To reach your next rank in for a surprise, because it did n't grasp it all off the! To go and chop down some annoying Elder fir logs myself wanting more account before writing a.! Sign in or create an account on here just to write a.! Target audience is much younger than me also get excited when you get bored simply.

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